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My breast are flat and saggy now! Lock Rss

Ive stopped breastfeeding my daughter over 5 months now and my breasts are completely lifeless.. I used to have 14D size breast and I wouldn't be surprised if I now fit a 12A bra. Ive been so embarassed Ive been wearing my normal bras and stuffing tissues inside.. Will it ever go back to same size??

I am so jelouse.

I wanted to loose my boobs. not to get to small but smaller. But i tried on an old pair and they dont fit anymore and i have a feeling that i wont be able to any more my boobs are bigger. So hopefully it has to with the weight (fingers crossed) How long did you feed your DD for? I only managed 12 weeks so that could be something.

Good luck.
Sorry to say, but its very unlikely they'll go back to shape or size. Mine were ruined after baby #1. Now they're totally stuffed! I will get a breast augmentation one day to regain my 'breast confidence' as not even size 8 pretty tops or dresses fit properly now as theres nothing up there to fill them out.

Hi there.

I had my first baby at 19, and was devastated at the state of my breasts after I stopped feeding him. They were flat and empty and simply horrible. I have had 2 more kids and spent 2.5 years BF since then, and they are (I feel) a little better, but I'm also 7kg heavier than I was back then so the added weight is maybe plumping them up a bit OR I am just used to them being that way and I have my rose coloured glasses on.

The best advice I have is buy awesome bras - I used to buy 'water' bras, which had a pocket of gel or something squishy in them that made them look fuller and more like their old selves. Try not to worry too much about it - I always said I was getting new boobs for my 30th birthday, but it's next year and I no longer feel like I need them, my self confidence is much better and I can console myself that my DH still thinks I'm sexy, and I have 3 lovely children to show for my stretchies and flatter boobies smile Hugs xxx
Your not alone!! I lie on my back and I have no boobs at all!! It is a very sad thing, I used to be a 12C and now I'm between and A and B.

DP has promised me a 'Nice set of bolt ons' when we finish having kids.. lol.

Go and buy yourself some nice new bras in you new size, with push up bits or chicken fillets. It will make you feel a whole lot better smile
You have my sympathies. (My friend calls hers soggy moggies!)

I was a 12DD before and a 12DD after BUT they no longer point in the same direction they once did, have a few stretchies and one is noticibly bigger than the other. sad I think most of us miss our old b00bs once our babies get a hold of them!

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It's hard to say but I want to point out that it is PREGNANCY that 'trashes' your breasts, not bf. My mother never bf myself or my sister and her breasts weren't the same after she had us. To what degree your post-pregnancy breasts will go back to their pre-pregnancy look, is related to genetics, skin elasticity and amount of weight gain. Smoking and lots of sun exposure have been shown to be harmful to skin elasticity.

Apparently the period right after weaning is when they will look their time may see some improvement. Short of that, there is of course surgery to correct what you aren't happy with. I miss my old breasts, but my new ones are a testament to the fact that I have grown and nourished children and so the 'sacrifice' is well worth it and I wouldn't trade them for surgically enhanced ones, even if we had the money. smile

sorry, no help as I did not beast feed but I will say that my mum at 64 has firm full boobs & she did breast feed 3 babies and used to be a 12B or C now is a 12 DD.Just a wait a few decades and they may bounce back lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

oops previous post should have said breast feed not beast feed but that's what it felt for the few days I tried lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Im jealous too! I have E size boobs and am only feeding DS once a day now! Ive been told they are NEVER gonna go down! I want my C cups back! I have to buy fat persons bras now because normal bras only go up to a DD and i have to squeeze my boobs in DD's! I wish i had your problem! I hate my huge boobs!
I have been using boobpop serum religiously for about a year now. After having two kids back to back, both of which I breastfed, my boobs definitely needed a little help. In conjunction with chest exercises, I can see a difference in firmness and perkiness. I will continue to use this serum on a daily basis forever!
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