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Any teachers thru the public system?? Lock Rss

So I've heard that there's a job at a public school here in SA that I want to apply for:)
However the application process thru DECS is incredibly long winded and confusing.

I need to write a 1 page Personal Statement, outlining Relationships, Student Learning, Curriculum and OHS etc.

My brain is not really working and I'm finding it hard to pull something intelligent out..

Any help??
Pretty plz?? lol smile

I am trying to get into the system in NSW at the moment! I know what you mean, its tricky to get your head around, and there are so many different things you need to do.

Its been a couple of days since you posted, have you had any luck yet?

I teach at Murray Bridge High, so not that far from Strath!!! Where abouts do you live? is that ok to ask?! smile If you PM me your email address I'll email you my application I put in to Murray Bridge High. I'm a permanent teacher, was full time until I had DD, now I'm .4. I love my job! What job is it at strath? which school? sorry...totally fine if you don't want to answer these questions, I just love teaching stuff!!! smile
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