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Does anyone else's child do this? Lock Rss

It frustrates the hell out of me.

DD still has an hour and a half day sleep BUT if she falls asleep in the car for even 1 minute she will not sleep.

Why does this whole minute sleep seem to make her think she doesn't need one at all? She has been banging around in her room for an hour instead of sleeping while DS is down and I keep telling her to go to sleep but she won't.

She will be a cranky you know what by 4pm too
Oh yeah!
DD1 is the worst for it. She only naps every second or third day now though, so not a big issues.
But if we are driving and neartly home (because they only fall asleep about a block from your house right?), we crank the music and talk really loud to them. No way do we let them fall asleep if we're nearly home.
Then, we plan big car trips for nap time and they stay awake!

My DS2 does this aswell. And we just talk to them and sing etc to try and keep him awake... it is funny how it always happens about 1 minute away from home!

If he does fall asleep for that 1 minute I just give him a simple dinner and put him to bed a bit earlier than usual... its easy to give him a simple dinner cause he doesn't eat a huge variety of things!
yes! it is very frustrating. especially when he then falls asleep later on in the afternoon because he really needed a longer nap. very frustrating.

DS1 is also going through a stage now where i put him to bed for his nap and then he gets up to use the toilet, because he is just being toilet trained, its exciting for him i guess, but then he will not go back to sleep. arghhhh and he really needs his naps still. he gets in rotten moods without them!

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