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evening ladies.

dd is nearly ready for a bed and that means bedroom furniture shopping.

can i just ask where you ladies got your dds furniture from. we have had a bit of a look but i am finding things too colourful and too bulky and will just not suit the room. dds room is tiny (2.5m x 3.5m) and i am really after something very simple/elegant and white which will not fill her room too much.

any ideas would be great. even something online.

Our bedroom furniture is a bit all over the place.. I've got lots of stuff from my parents, so half of it doesn't match, but we got DD a brand new bed from Radio Rentals.
I just had a quick squiz on their website but I couldn't see it.. It's basically timber with some black iron scrolly bits in the head and foot.
We also bought a trundle bed - I think from Le Cornus - just plain pine and we stained it to match.

We bought her a bedside table from the Friday Shopper (a nice one that thankfully matches quite well).
She also has a white chest of drawers plus a dressing table.. Everything kind of fits in except the white dresser/drawers, but one day I might sand it back and stain it to match..

DD2's room doesn't have a walk in robe like the other two have so we bought a nice big dresser off of ebay.. Also got a nice set of drawers from Mum.. not sure what we're going to do for a bed for her yet - still got some time up our sleeves smile

So basically, family, Radio Rentals, Le Cornus, ebay or Friday Shopper smile

One word...IKEA! Look thru their website, if you dont have one near you like me i just rang and placed my order, from memory postage wasnt a huge amount. We didnt buy bedroom furniture for an older child, ours was all nursery stuff...but i love all their ranges!
Radio Rentals

Dream Land

Bed Warehouse, stepney

Maybe even look at Haggle??

my kids rooms are about the same size as yours and no built ins either. i just got ds a bed frm fantastic furniture its just a pain single bed wit a doona foot cos i thought the beds with the foot end as well as the head end looked so much bigger and made the room smaller. DDs bed is quite similar to DSs but it has a small foot end, we found her bed put of for council cleanup and asked if we could take it as it was so similar to ds bed. hers is king single, but her room is a bit bigger so it shouldnt be a problem.

if u have the money domayne and harvey norman have some really nice white girls beds

I just ordered my DD a big girls bed. We live in Northern WA and the shops up here are very limited. She loves my DS car bed so I found this website that has cute beds.

This is the one I got DD.

Radio Rentals

Dream Land

Bed Warehouse, stepney

Maybe even look at Haggle??

the radio rentals one is EXACTLY what we are looking at. thanks!!!! we will be doing the rounds this weekend. i thought radio rentals was all elecrical goods!
lissii - we dont have built ins either. we were thinking about but then it would enroach onthe little space we have and limit us with moving her room around as she gets older. so frustrating. we looked at fantastic furniture today and it VERY limited. only had white furniture for one girl bed set. i did like it but it might be too bulky. we took the measurements though.

Leeuwin - that is gorgeous!! i think ds would probably fight her for it though lol.

thanks ladies. i did not even think about harvey norman!!!!!
Hi, just a part of Huggies and looking for the baby furniture. I have just the Oeuf, what do you think about it? I like the bed and mattress which I need right now in Off-white colour!

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