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Just a quick question for anyone who lives in Lock Rss

I've just read that there were flash floods in Kyneton. I just rang my partner's mum who lives just up the road from the river. She told me that there is water rising to her second back step. And the road gutters are blocked so water is on front lawn. Her and her husband seems to think that the media is 'sensationalising' the whole thing. They don't seem to be worried at all.

So my question is for any one who lives in or around it bad there bad there or not?

Thanks, getting really worried.

I'm about an hr from there. We have flash flooding at the moment. Cops are on alert, so if they at risk then the cops will tell them to move. I wouldn't stress too much, its unlikely that what has happened in QLD will happen here in Vic.

Hope this makes you feel better.
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