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I am so freakin' bored Rss


As it says.... i am so blooming bored. DH and both DD's have been in bed from 6 (DH) and DD2 was last to go to bed at 8.30. I've cleaned the kitchen, packed the dishwasher, got clothes in the washing machine, just waiting for the dryer to finish... which I think it just did. I've folded all the washing that can be folded. Even put most of it away..... I'm even considering getting out the ironing board and catching up on the massive pile of ironing! I'd vac, but I think I'd wake one of them up! I am going to pay for all that housework I've done in one massive hit... my back will be horrid tomorrow. Guess I'll be able to take it easy tho as I've done just about all the housework! LOL.

There is nothing on TV and I can't watch the last episode of season 4 of Heroes (DH would crack it big time!). I'd do a take 5 or something, except I didn't get to the shop tonight and I don't really feel like driving 30mins to possibly get one! How bored am I if that is popping into my head?!!!

Seriously considering the ironing.....
I know how u feel. I am totally bored too. My DH is at work, and my DD has been asleep since 7pm. I have already attacked the mint slices, which i now regret... How old are your daughters?
roll eyes

Now that is boredom! Ironing.......hmmm....

I just wish for a full night of uniterrupted sleep!

If DH isn't snoring his lungs out, DS is calling for me or talking some rot loudly.

Step D will be here on the weekend for 4 weeks & she too snores & talks in her sleep!

Then there are the cats, or one in particular.

The paddock over the road is looking more inviting for sleeping right now, even if it is full of rats & mice & who knows what LOL....

Ironing is not such a bad option I guess LOL. Got a good DVD to put on?
Even if I was so bored that staring at a blank wall seemed interesting, I would never think of doing the ironing. tongue
DD1 is 3 and 4mths old and DD2 is 14mths on Sunday. I am so bored that I actually worked it out... I had to stop myself counting out the days!!! LOL.

Unfortunately I don't get to sleep a lot as my back wont let me. It s**ts me some times. I could go to bed, but if I go to bed this early I would need to be up by about 5.30 to avoid feeling like crap (stiff, sore and waddle like a bent old lady!).

Mine snore too, but I wait until they hit that really deep sleep and then I go to bed. DD1 will probably try to sneak in to our bed around 4ish and I'll get the fun job of trying to get her back to her own bed... she's such a bed hog!!! And we have a king and she still manages to push us both out!!!

I've found ER on tv at least. Cats.... Oh crap... I have to get one in from outside! That'll be fun! We bring all our animals in for the night, except the chickens! They get locked up.

I think I'll get that washing on and put the dishwasher on too... I might get the ironing board out too... at least it is adjustable height wise, so I could iron and watch tv.... but do I need coathangers? ummmmm Way too bored!

And I wish I had biscuits!!!
My daughter is 3yrs and 2 mths. And i can't believe ur going to iron while watchin are a good housewife! wink I admit I never iron anymore. Did when i was younger and at home. Now i don't have my mum nagging me...I don't do it laugh

Hope u get all ur animals in easily. And find some yum biscuits!
oh geeze you sound like me when I was pregnant, especially with dd2!

I couldnt move without pain. I had severe spd and from about 26 weeks I couldnt lie down.

Lying on my back was my only option but I could do that for no more than about an hour at a time. Lying on my side was excrutiating....the pain in my pelvis was so intense!

So, I ended up sleeping sitting upright on the couch for about 3 months. Not fun at all with a HUGE transverse baby on board. Mostly though I had the company of dd1 who was still not sleeping at night.

Back pain is a nasty and horrible condition, so I sympathise with you! I still wouldnt get the ironing board out though tongue
Good housewife? laugh laugh laugh I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!!!! The ironing pile has been sitting there for about 12mths!!! I am sure that DD2 will be able to wear the things that I was supposed to iron for DD1! Good housewife!!!??? LMAO!

I don't have any bikkies as I try not to buy them as I'll just eat them!

My back and sleeping thing will most likely be a continual thing. My back is buggered. I'm not supposed to vac, drag washing around or lift anything heavy. I'm trying to avoid surgery. Good thing is tho that I get to start weight loss tablets after christmas to loose weight as I'm not allowed to go to the gym! I get to take the easy road for once! Does that sound bad?

mumofstellaandzara... i spent the last three months of my pregnancies on the couch / recliner too! DD1 due to horrid heartburn, DD2 because it was the only place I was comfortable (i was hugh... people thought i was having twins)!

Coffe time I think... (it wont keep me up... makes me sleepy tho!)

Does everyone's kids sleep thru the night?
Sounds like you need to order a boxed set of a good TV program lol I got the ER boxed set...15seaons (45discs) of good veiwing lol its great especially for nights when there is only crap on TV lol. I want to get Dawsons Creek and Gilmore Girls boxed sets next lol
Ironing for me is not an option no matter how bored I am...I'd rather go to the dentist lol it doesnt help that it kills my back to iron more than a few items at a time.

Cheers Ness

I'm bored too hahah it's only 8:20pm here though, so there is a million things i could be doing!!

Just skyped with DH now half watching mickey mouse clubhouse with DD lol might indulge in a rainbow paddle pop shortly grin
I'd love, love, love the ER box set. I have the Gilmore Girls and Friends. I watched them both not that long ago.

Ok... Now I am insane as I have the ironing board out! I'll pack cushions behind my back to support myself. Got the laptop siting on the ironing board as I type... It's a great height!

Now I want Icecream! LOL roll eyes

I'd love, love, love the ER box set. I have the Gilmore Girls and Friends. I watched them both not that long ago.

Ok... Now I am insane as I have the ironing board out! I'll pack cushions behind my back to support myself. Got the laptop siting on the ironing board as I type... It's a great height!

Now I want Icecream! LOL roll eyes

lol now thats a great use for the ironing board lol...a lappy table lol Er wasnt that exy I got it from the UK and delivered it was only $150 not bad considering the individual seasons in Aus are still between $20 and $30..mmm ice cream....No no I wont go to the freezer lol
And to answer the question yep all my kids sleep through but they are almost 13, 11, 7 and almost 4

Cheers Ness

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