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  5. I am often told that I look young for my age

I am often told that I look young for my age Rss

BAHAHAHA, that is gold! Theres your confidence boost for the day.

Similar thing happened to DH, he answered the door to a door-to-door salesman who asked him if his parents were home! DH was 31 at the time! He laughed and said no (truthfully) and the guy was disappointed and walked away............did I hear about that from DH for ages afterwards grin
Just jealous it didn't happen to me, I guess tongue

His Royal Highness, Prince William

I get that all the time! The home phone usually only rings if its telemarketers or charity ticket sellers, so its good having a young sounding voice! I just tell them I am not 18 and mum's not home at the moment... I am 28!
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