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disinfectant wipes Rss

do you think they are as good as cleaning with an actual disinfectant made up with water and bucket?

whenever i am preparing dinner and using meat i always think of that ad where she has the chicken breast on the counter and then wipes it with the cloth and all the "germs"are still there. so recently i have been wiping the bench with them after washing it with the regular cloth.

i have also been using them to give the potty a quick wipe over after using the actual disinfectant, just to make sure its clean.

also if we have unexpected guests and i haven't yet cleaned the bathroom i will give the benches and sinks a quick wipe over with them

does anyone else use these?

I use them to clean the toilet. With 2 young DS's there are always plenty of 'spills' to clean up! I am a huge fan of Enjo products but just cant wrap my head around using them to clean up wee smile

I love them. I carry the smaller pack around in my handbag and when my 3yr old goes to a public toilet i give it a wipe over before she sits down... I am a total germ-a-phobe!! I usually use them at home for the toilet seats, door handles, all the sinks and the kitchen benches... they are really handy.
I think they are brill...even better than a bucket of detergent! I do DD's booster seat and door knobs and light switches and the loo and bathroom handy and convenient.
I never use a sponge to clean surfaces really.. I only use these wipes.
I'll use a sponge in the bathrooms to clean the showers and toilets, but then they get thrown in the bin anyway..

Don't know how good they actually are - I just like that they clean my benches quite nicely smile

Always a packet in the bathroom, I use them to clean the loo. I usually do that every day so it's just a quick squirt of loo cleaner, then a quick wipe with a pineocleen, flush, throw wipe in the bin & done.
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