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Baby seeing things??? Rss

Wondering if you think your children can see things, as in ghosts??!!

My son often cracks up laughing when he is by himself, and I dont mean when playing with toys or anything, he laughs and looks as though someone is interacting with him. He'll also often look straight through me as though someone is behind me poking faces.

I told my partner this and he freaked out lol.

Just wondering what experiences people have had.
hi there,
yes i believe they do, my son when he was little used to stare at one corner of the room and babble and smile, swear he was interacting with someone. I wasn't scared cos if it's anyone it's my father who passed 4 or 5 years ago. so was kinda nice to know.

my son did the same thing he would just stare at the wall and babble on and smile and nothing me or my partner did would take his attention away from it, and if we moved him so he wasnt facing the wall he would start to cry. my partner freaked out aswell lol but i thought it may have been my nanna so it felt nice to think she may have been present in the room.
My son did this from birth. always looking over my shoulder. My grandfather had passed away when i was preg with him and i truely believe it was him visiting. Even freaker when ds was able to walk he would walk straight from the car to my grandfathers grave. Would stop to look along the way would never go to the wrong grave just straight up to grandzie and then sit down

i''''m baking a baby

Thanks for the replies, its interesting isnt it.

I said to my partner I think it may be his cousin, I was about 4 weeks pregnant when my brothers girlfriend lost their baby at 36 weeks (stillborn). Or possibly my cousin who died over 30 years ago when he was 2. So I think they must be playing games.
Yes I believe babies can see spirits, I believe he can see my husbands nanna.
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