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Right now, I am wishing I lived someone else life. Someone who did things well. I want to be someone with friends I could call and talk to. I don't want to come home from a huge day at work to just have to go to the shops to get groceries for tea.
I want my life to be simple.
I don't want to lay in bed thinking about the things that I have failed in during the day,or stressing about the things I didn't get done.
I know that person exists somewhere.
I want to get along with my family.I want to go to work, knowing I will make a difference to someones life. I don't want to feel the pressure that is drowning me.
I want my husband to understand that I cannot do it all. I want him to know that all I want is be a normal person, with a normal family.
I want to come home from work, and enjoy my daughter reading her reader, and doing homework.I hate that I am pleased she is smart enough to get by without my undivided attention when she does her homework.
I want a,I want the time for a hobby. I need something for myself.

I am sorry if you have gotten this far. I really needed to get this out.
This reply will seem inadequate to what you have written but I want to send you a GBH and let you know that I am thinking of you. I hope you have had a good day today and things seem a bit brighter. Did I give you my email address? If not, let me me know and I will message it to you so we can chat when you need to.

Elisa xx

Everybody wants to live someone's else life as they thinks that someone is having more than we are right now having but that is not the case cause everybody has their own journey which can not be compared also own ways struggle like I wanted to be a creative writer for my own books and this is not the case but i am following some professionals on to get my things done correctly, even if I am making mistake so anybody should be there to correct me
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