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Correct letters and numbers for teaching kids Lock Rss

Is there a website that will show me the correct way teachers teach kids to write the alphabet and numbers when at school. Letters like y and the number 4, there is a couple of ways of doing them, so I want to make sure I'm teaching DD to do them the way they will be taught at school.
Our school used this method, starting with tracing over regular letters, then joining the dots, then following the arrows, here is a link you can look at, it's American but gives you the gist. However, different states use different fonts (just to make things more confusing!) so check which font is used in your state. For example, in WA they use Victorian font, so when we moved to Tas, my kids had to learn a new way <img src="" class="bbc_emoticon" alt="<_<" /> But that website will help you show your kids the correct formation of letters and numbers, and that's how my kids were shown in kindy and prep.

HI Amanda..try googling NSW Foundation font (or similar - you may get the NSW style. We have a couple of educational toy shops here that have placemats with the font on them and pics, ie 'a' and apple. Its a good starting point.
I also have a sheet at work we give to families. PM me your address again and I'll send it to you - and if you can't find athe placemat - let me know and I'll get you one of those too.

Thanks for the info and links. I don't understand why they can't just have it the same for all states and schools. Would be much easier!!
I think that the solution to your question is in the discussions. I like to follow your creative ideas in blogging. If you are looking for high-quality text on any topic, we will help you at any time of the day quickly and efficiently. Keep delighting us with new posts!
I couldn’t get an answer for this either. I ended up buying some write on laminated sheets from Get Ready for School Australia and they have been great. They have alphabet, numbers and my child’s first name in the state font. You could ask the school or kindy your child is or will be going to. I was given a sheet with the alphabet from my daughter’s school but found what I already had was easier to use.
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