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Sharing Bedroom Lock Rss

Hiya- wrong section- ya!
I've been thinking of moving my 2 into the same bedroom in the near future (4 months, 22 months) as they both sleep through the night. My problem is daytime. DD1 is currently fighting day sleeps and ALWAYS wakes up crying. Because they currently have 1-2 naps a day at the same time, this would definitely impact DD2. DD2 also has a bit of a sook before falling asleep, so that would impact DD1.
Anyways, what would you do? DD2 is currently in our bedroom, which doesn't bother us (DD1 was in our room for 18 months!), but of course we'd like her out eventually!
Would you just put the in and make them suck it up? Wait til DD1 drops her day sleeps? Have separate bedrooms- which is possible, but a bit annoying!


I would put them in the room together.
Whilst it will be hard for a week or two, they will eventually be fine.
Maddi turned 2 last month and Emilie is 9 months old. Em's still in our room but will they'll end up sharing, we only have a 2 bedroom house at the moment. It makes me nervous now, just cause Emmy's still so young, leaving them alone for that amount of time. And like you said it would muck their nap times up. We're waiting till Emilie's older (just things like soft spot on her head closed up and being able to move better, she only started crawling 3 weeks ago) but they'll be together eventually.

I have recently put my two together. Stressed at first it if was the right thing to do, but now its great (not tonight though they are playing up but will eventually go to sleep lol) they actually sleep longer hehe. As for day sleeps dd2 will sleep in her cot and dd1 sleeps on our bed - means that if I want anything from our bedroom I have to get it first and turn the tv off at the tv so she cant turn it on ect but it is working for us at the moment. Plus I think dd1 is getting to a stage where she will be dropping her sleep soon sad

Should add dd1 was about 27months and dd2 was about 14months when they moved in with each other lol.

I would be trying to put them in the same room for night sleeps if they both sleep thru (how lucky are YOU!). Is it an option to put DD2 in another room (in a portacot etc) for day time sleeps? It might buy you some time then for them to get a bit older. I wouldnt leave it til Miss J drops her day sleep as that could be a while yet (DS1 is 3yrs 7 mths and still has a rest time every day).

The alternative is to let them "suck it up" for a week or 2, if it gets too hard you can always try again later smile
I would try putting them in together.

I have my DS'together they are 21 months and 4 months and go pretty good together. with the sleeps you could try putting them in at slightly different times so one goes to sleep first and hopefully wont wake up thats what I do with the boys at night at the moement

give them a few days and they should get use to being in together and fall asleep at the same time anyway

you might find your DD1 sleeps better having someone in there with her

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mine used to share a room when they were the same ages, they didnt sleep at the same times ds just had one sleep and dd was still having 2 sleeps if they did cross over i would put dd in her pram for her sleep. a PP suggested this too with the portacot or have your older dd on your bed,

as for them being alone together for that long could u put a monitor in with them? or theres a crib tent which are meant to keep baby n the cot and older siblings, pets, toys being thrown in etc out of bubs cot

Thanks ladies. I guess there are lots of options for daytime. Just gotta pick one smile

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