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Weird Q re direction in life. Rss

I know that i am the only one that can answer this for myself, But i am looking for ideas and things to consider..

As most of you know i have been though a fair bit in the last 12 months, And now it has come time for me to do something for myself.
I would really like to study or learn something that will help me get a job later down the track...but.... I have NFI what i want to do with my life!!
I dont know what my passion is.. I dont know what i want to be.. I dont know what i am good at!!

So can you please throw some ideas at me for things i can study.
hi i got at 18 my cert 3 in aged care and it was a good thing course was only 6mths and theres always a need for people to work with the elderly and usually its very easy to find a job in that field..

I was at that point too, no idea what I was passionate about (now I do, fitness!) but after some thought I decided on Teacher's Aide course as I'd love to help kids (or adults with reading etc) and I actually like school environments....also will be good working hours once DD is old enough for school.

For yourself...something in the beauty/fitness industry?
I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. I'm always extremely jealous of people who have a big passion in their life that translates into employment!

Having said that, I have done a bit of study and had a somewhat random career path.

I've done degrees in Behavioural Science (psychology) and in Human Resources Management. Currently I'm doing a Cert IV in financial services (accounting) as come March 1 that will be the base requirement for paid bookkeeping work (which I do a little bit of).
this was me this time last year...i study teaching through open university which is an online based uni study. its great i get to study at my own pace and at home, maybe look at their website and have a look through what they offer it could give you some inspiration

Manda have you tried talking to the careers officer at a tafe or Uni ...they might have some sort of advice or a way to dig out your passion !! .

I have an accosiate diploma in Hospitality and Catering

Cert 4 in Marketing

And I am Level 4 Pharmacy Assistant ...

None of the study I have done for any of them helps me today ...Yeah I still work in a Chemist ..but not doing anything like a level 4 is capable of ..the hardest part of my working day is deciding if someones cough is chesty or dry ....BOARING !!!!! lol lol lol

Hope you find your passion !!

Manda what about becoming a Personal Trainer? You'd be really good at that smile

I was a bit like that, never new what I wanted to do. Basically one day I woke up and thought I might do Nursing. I had thought i'd do either nursing or teaching early on but dropped out of school (and worked) too early. I will be doing Midwifery next year and that has been my plan for a couple of years now - I can't wait to deliver babies!!

Like Frankie said though, there is always someone at the Unis and TAFE to talk to you about career options. Or, look in the employment section of the paper they often ads for career advice etc. Maybe write down a few things that might interest you and see if you can do a bit of work experience or something to see how you go?

Good luck.

Thanks everyone, Thats a good idea Frankie!! Might look into that!
I have always wanted to be a Doctor, but I dropped out of school early as I hated it (I had horrible teachers, and our school was really just crappy so we never learnt anything worthwhile) and went to uni early. I have a diploma in business majoring in banking and finance, with a minor in accounting. However, I am now studying a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in midwifery, and once I have completed that and worked for a few years and my DD is a bit older, I will go to med school. I was accepted this year but I felt that at this point in mine and DD's lives I would be better off doing a shorter, less demanding degree than medicine.

Have a chat to a careers advisor, or even just do what you're doing and ask around! You never know, somebody might be doing something that makes you stop and think "hey, I could do that too".

right i'll try this again.

good luck finding your dream- i knew what job i wanted by mid high school, but hubby still unsure so we are now hoping we can afford for him to do an apprenticeship.

my only real contribution is to say- PICK YOUR QUALIFICATION VERY VERY CAREFULLY.

by this i mean try to figure out what job you would like then ask employers what qualification they prefer. a lot of courses lead no where and will not allow you to get employment. many people apply in my field (pathology) with strange degrees as they can't get a job and will apply for anything scientific. also many uni's don't tell you qualifications dont go anywhere (for eg biomedical science degrees at many uni's will not get you a job in medical science without extra subjects which only certain places will accept)

sorry for the rant but i really feel sorry for people who slog it out for ages to qualify, but it won't get them anywhere
I've always thought being a paralegal would be a great job. If I wasn't happy in the field I'm in (finance) I'd look into doing that myself.
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