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Another Post Got Me Thnking.... Rss

Talking about breastfeeding, i'm interested in how old your babies where when you stopped breastfeeding, who is still breastfeeding a child thats a couple years old and do you think it's made a diference to their development?

(If this has already been discussed it'd be easier if someone could tell me where to go to find that thread?)
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There is an Extended Breastfeeding thread in Feeding Your Toddler. Might cover some of your question.

I have a friend who was fed until she was 2+. Absolutely brilliant woman- flown around the world for her expertise in a very lucrative field. I realise that she is a result of more than infant feeding, but sure it didn't hurt! wink

i bf ds til 6 months and dd til 5 months. i dont see any differences between my kids and other kids of the same age who were breast fed for a longer period than mine at all.
I breastfed DD1 for 7 months and DD2 for 14 months. DD1 was always a very healthy girl and never got sick in her first year. DD2 was always sick and now has very bad eczema. I think they're just different kids. It doesn't matter how I fed them as to how they turned out. Although I do find DD2 very clingy, but that's probably because of a number of factors.
Posted by: GabesMama

I have a friend who was fed until she was 2+. Absolutely brilliant woman- flown around the world for her expertise in a very lucrative field. I realise that she is a result of more than infant feeding, but sure it didn't hurt! wink

haha Well I have a DH who wasn't BF at all and has an IQ that is in the top 2% of the population .

Well take this from a person who cant BF but would LOVE to be able to!

My sons are very healthy and do not often get sick. I always wonder why other peoples children specially those who are BF get 'bugs' from kindy when my boy hardly does!

I also think the whole BF your baby reduces the chance of obisity and illnesses ect ect is a load of cow dung! I was BF till almost 3 and am concidered over weight and have been obease! lol... I also am not very smart and i have never had any thing like chicken pocs, mumps ect ect ect.....

But in saying all that i tried hard to BF my two boys not for the nutritional value but for the bonding and ease of it and not to mention the cost of formula LOL!!!

So IMO no......

i breast fed my daughter until she was 2 years and 1 month old.

she is a very bright, intelligent, well spoken little girl.

however i put that down to taking after her mother LMAO

i feel very strongly about the benefits of breastfeeding but as far as immunity to illness goes, my DD caught everything going from birth til a few months ago. she had every cold, sore throat and ear infection under the sun (or at least it felt that way)

There are all kinds of things that breastfeeding is wonderful for but i dont think it automatically equals a smarter child or a healthier child. its just a good kick start towards it smile
I BF dd until she was 8-8 1/2 months old. The only thing i really noticed was that in that time she never got sick. Since then she has had 2 running noses, but that could have been from teething
DS1 was bf till 6 months old

DS2 was bf till 16 months old

DD is 2 months old and still being bf

DS1 is tall and solid. DS2 is short and skinny (fussy eater). DD is my chubbiest and looks more like a 4 month old than a 2 month old! However DS2 was also chubby at this age but lost all his chubbiness when he started crawling!

I had many problems breastfeeding my 1st baby, only breast fed for 3 days.I was not prepared to persist as feeding my baby blood filled milk from nipples that were only just hanging from a stressed mummy was not conduisive( sp) to his well being (or mine).Its hard to compare or know if it( switching to formula) made any difference to his development.But he reached all his milestones in the appropriate time frame.He walked at 10.5 months and was running within a week of unassisted walking, was a bit slower than his peers to talk( but has certainly made up for it).Now at almost 10 (years not months), has been topping his grade at school each year since he started.He is also very good at sports, swimming etc.He has a cousin 16 months older who is also quite gifted she is in an OC class at school which is selective for gifted and talented kids.She was breastfed for at least 18 months.But I do not I think this is why she is so 'brainy'. Her mum said that Brad's school results were a a bit ' better' than hers in the same grade.For the record, my other 2 boys were put straight onto the bottle and they are also quite bright, so I cannot say that extended breastfeeding makes kids develop better
well thats my 2 cents

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Thanks for the replies ladies. Another question if you got time, which i cant find anywhere else is BF'ing an older child how do you go with the teeth? Do they often bite you?

(EDIT: Looking back over this post here that i wrote how is BF ' ing a swear word because it's been changed to all asterix marks??)
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DD is 15 months and has most of her teeth. She has bitten me twice, months ago. I yelled no, put her on the floor and refused to feed for a few hours.
She got the message quick smart
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