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Early, Due Date or Overdue Rss

Did you go early, due date or overdue based on your LMP or a dating scan. With DD I seem to to think i was a little later than 36+5 wks and they based it on LMP. This time i had to get a dating scan as i forgot when my last period was.
Both times we went off the dating scan as my cycles are all over the place. DD1 was born at 32 + 5 and DD2 was born at 38 + 1.
I knew exactly when I conceived with my two, and the dating scans were always spot on with that date.

DD was 5 days oeverdue
DS was 4 days overdue

Both were spontaneous labour, but the births could not have been more different!!

DD was due on the 26th Jan and she was born on the 2nd Feb so 1 week over due

DS was due on the 23rd July and was born on the 29th so 6 days over due

I had dating scan with both as my periods have always been all other the place.
With the next one I think I will just add a week to the EDD lol
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Both times I used the scanning dates.

#1 I went into labour on my due date and had Bub 2 days later.

#2 I had Bub a week early.
both times they used the dates from the scans

DD1 went 10 days over and was induced

DD2 was 6 days over

We always go based on LMP...but my cycles are all over the place usually so who knows how 'right' they are. LOL

DS1 -7 days early by LMP; was nearly 2 weeks early based on 20 week scan though. It was more than obvious to us when he was born that he was undercooked. There was discussion of putting my EDD back after the 20 week scan, but the decision was made not to.

DS2- 2 days over by LMP, 1 day early by 13 week scan and 1 day late based on 20 week scan. hehehehehehehe He was 'spot on'.

based on LMP and we were spot on when we had our 11week scan and 20week scan. he was 2 days overdue so wasn't to late in arriving grin

My LMP and dating scans were pretty much spot on with each other. DS was 10 days overdue and induced. DD was 2 days overdue spontaneous labour.
#1 - arrived 5 weeks before EDD
#2 - arrived 3 days before EDD
#3 - arrived 10 days before EDD
#4 - arrived 4 days before EDD
#5 - arrived 3 days before EDD

never made a due date... smile]
#5 was the only one I had a dating scan for - only because it took 6 weeks after AF (and 4 weeks after a day of light spotting) to get a positive preg test... I normally get a postive test a few days before AF is due.
My DS was due on the 17th Feb according to my scan. but he came on the 15th feb-so i would say it was pretty well acurate.
We were in the process of moving house when my waters broke (dunno if that had something to do with it!)

I have really long cycles so the charts are normally incorrect for me. I thought i was having my 19 week scan according to LMP- it turned out bubs was only 16 weeks!

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Posted by: *Fruchoc*
I knew exactly when I conceived with my two, and the dating scans were always spot on with that date.

Me too, except I only have one.

She was born at 39 weeks due to an induction though so doesn't really count.
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