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Break from routine - What are YOU doing today?? Lock Rss

I normally go to gym every morning but today i am not as i had a spray tan yesterday for the wedding tomorrow and i dont want to get any marks in it, so i am so stuck with what to do today!!

I hate breaking from routine as i kinda just wander around aimlessly!! lol

What are you up to today?
My days routine wont help you if you've just had a spray tan - LOL - we are off to swimming lessons this morning.

Then I was thinking I might take the kids and have a wander around the shops. I need a new doona cover and Mackai can have a play on the equipment while I have a coffee!!

We're meeting with the Newcastle girls! Eeeeep! Unfortunatelty, the weather isn't looking good so we may have to retreat to a Maccas meet!lol
Oh Shhhh Sette!!! lol

If i didnt have the wedding on tomorrow i would have come up for it!!!!
do you want me to email you the last OHS Q I am trying to work out for my course?

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

There'll be more, unless we all hate each other! You're on next time!
Not much happening here today!! Wandering around aimlessly! LOL

Hope your wedding goes well tomorrow honey!

You make it sound like a bad thing that you don't have to go to the gym this morning! hahaha

Well, I am actually going to go for a run in a minute... which isn't usually part of my routine, but I have to shed these holiday kilo's sad

I dont know where you live, but Sydney's weather seems nice today, maybe you could go to the beach or something, just dont go in the water, or your tan might fade a bit.

Have a nice day smile

[Edited on 19/02/2010]


Sounds good Sette!!

Want to wander over here K?? lol

danielle, I am just south of Sydney, Might walk the girls to the park and then over the road to the beach thismorning, That will at least tire them out!
Hehehe, Sorry Manda, but Im also going with Sette!! Cant wait to finally meet these girls, well some of, that ive spent so long talking with!!

Hope you find something to do today!! lol
Oh Pfft to all of you Newy girls catching up!!!

Bring on the next one! I will be there for sure!! FM lives in Gosford so i will just come up and stay with him the night!
ah, good old gosford, thats where ive spent the last 10 years... now im up the coast a bit further...
would be great to meet you next time...
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