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Magnetic wooden letters and numbers Lock Rss

Does anyone know where I can buy wooden magnetic letters and numbers from? I've looked in a few department stores and couple of online places, but can't find any.
I could probably do you up some, if you tell me what you exactly want, sizes colour ect.

I don't want anything really fancy, not fussed on colour and I just want them about the same size as the plastic ones you can buy. We've got the plastic (although there are some missing), and just thought I'd see how much wooden ones are?
About to go out, will check back later. Pm here or Facebook if you want.
Ill work it out for you, probably might be a little bigger then the plastic letters as to do them that small I may cut my finger off hahaha. Wood wise it will be cheap but its the magnets that are expensive, and you only get ten in a pack (from memory) but I could just do the letters and you could glue some fridge old fridge magnets on.

Hi, Cotton On Kids has them. My sister got them for DDs and DS doors of their rooms. HOpe this helps smile

They are the wooden ones with magnets on the back and you can pick from all different colours. From memory i think they were about $2 each.
[Edited on 18/02/2010]
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