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I took my DS to his 4 Month immunisation and check up today. I didn't get to see my usual doctor as she was away and don't really know this other doctor.

DS at 4 Months is 70cm Long and weighs 7kg, the doctor said for his height that he is underweight and at the very least should be 7.5kg, but more like 8kg.

She has suggested I start feeding him solids. I didn't start DD until 6 months and was planning on the same with DS.

Would you do as the DR said and start him straight away or wait a little while and see if he shows signs of being ready or start at 6 months?

I have to go finish dinner now, but il check back later.


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Does he appear hungry? Is he reaching is other milestones?

I have to say that first of all I would get some advice from an experienced child health nurse. But despite that I would not start him on solids if he appeared content and was reaching all of his other milestones.

In saying that, my first is only 3 months old. This is just based on what I have read and on my own instincts for my own child.

Good luck, but whatever you decide get some more professional advice first.
I think I would make an appointment with the usual doctor to see what she said.
In my opinion i would go by gut and by other factors like what sort of body type you and your partner have, is he putting on weight at all, and maybe trying to feed him more regular 1st b4 putting him onto solids.
Other than that i don't have any advice.
I would also like to add that im not sure that they go by height/weight ratio anyway , i had a look at plunket book (im from nz) and at 4 months 7kg is about average for your ds age, and in the top 75% for height so i think your son is doing fine.

my DS is 22 months and weighs 9kg. so to be 7kg at 4 months i think is great!

if ur worried, a second opinion will never hurt.

When is your normal doctor back? I'd want to speak to someone who is more familiar with my child than just going of a "textbook" answer from someone who's seen my child for 10 min etc. I certainly wouldn't be starting solids until he was showing signs of being ready for them.

My personal first port of call, if you wanted to try to increase his weight (although some children are just naturally skinny), would probably be trying to increase milk feeds (offer an extra breastfeed/bottle or increase the size of bottles if ff) rather than going straight to solids at 4 months.

DD started solids at 5.5 months (and I was considering starting her at 5 months) BUT she was ready for them - she didn't have the tongue extrustion reflex thing plus all the other things they say to look out for as a sign that they're ready when I started thinking about introducing solids. Even now at 2.5 yrs DD is only just 12kg and is considered to be "underweight" but that is just who she is, she eats LOTS, she just seems to have a great metabolism.

Posted by: 2Monkeys2Luv
DS at 4 Months is 70cm Long and weighs 7kg

LOL! my DD is 20 months and she only weighs 8kg.

I wouldn't worry if he is content the way he is going. I was always told that my DD was too small and should weigh more for how tall she is, but she is happy and healthy, so I never really worried about it.
Talk to your normal doctor when she gets back, see what she says. But honestly if he is happy on just milk then I would leave it.

You know your son best. do you in all honesty think he is ready for solids?

Both my boys are long and slim. J is 63cm long and weighs 4.95kg at 11 weeks!! Two weeks ago he was 62cm and 4.5kg. He is fully breastfed, I had to increase his feeds and started taking complan myself to make sure he is getting the nutrients he needs.

M was ready for solids at four months and has always been a big eater - hes slowed down a bit now but can still eat as much as me on occasion (he'll be two in May).

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I'd be going back to see your usual doctor....someone that's only ever seen your child for 10-15mins has no idea whether your DS is doing well or not. As for saying at 4mths he should be weighing 7.5-8.0kg...well that's all dependant on what he weighed when he was born.

My DS1 was 2.9kg born and only weighed 6.4kg at 4mths...he didn't hit 8.0kg till 6mths, and he's only just over 10kg now at 19mths. He eats anything and everything but is on the go all day so I'm not worried and neither is the Doctor.

DS2 on the other hand was 3.4kg born, 6.4kg at 4mths (take in mind he had setbacks with his heart condition and lost a good bit of weight in his first month of life) and now at 8mths is 8.6kg.

Every child is different, they all have different metabolisms so I think it's stupid on the doctor's part to say he's too small and suggest solids. Only YOU know if your child is ready for solids, and even though my kids were all ready by 4mths, it certainly doesn't mean every other child will be!!

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My Ds had his 6 month shots today and was weighed at 8.62 Kg's and 72cms long.... He has been on Solids for a long time as he was ready IMO....

You need to do whats best... If your not happy about it get another opinion!

Otherwise try adding an extra milk feed in somewhere for some extra peice of mind.
I would see your normal doctor.
When bub was 4 months the doctor said by the time he 6 months he will want solids and the doctor was right. We started him on solids at 5 and a half months.
Only you know when your baby ready for solids

i think that dr is full of sh!t. My son is almost 16months and only 10 kilos. IMO 7kg at 4months is a great weight and would not be worried at all.
Thanks for all your replies, I couldn't get back on last night as we got a little flooded and lost power.

I thought he was doing great, he looks healthy, he just laughs all day long and plays and If i could give him more milk I would be, he has as many feeds as he will have.

He gets his height from his uncles and they are all quite slim too, He looks in absolute proportion to me and I just thought being so long he would be hard to fill out anyway and I considered 7kg pretty good for 4 months LOL. He was born at 9lb8oz - 4.3kg.

I think i will go to my normal DR when she returns. I don't think he is showing signs of wanting solids, he watches his sister eat but he watches her all day so that is not a sign at all.

Thanks again, i think il leave it as I did with DD, we have had great success with her eating.

was Bubbagirlsmama

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