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Did u pay..... Rss

asking price for your house?
and was it above or below G.V?

We paid well below asking price, it had been on the market for awhile. And well below GV.

was Bubbagirlsmama

We only paid $6000 under asking price but it was it's first day on the market and we knew it'd be snapped up as it was cheap (needed heaps of work).
We paid below what the owner was asking.

We paid $8000 below when we bought our house, and below GV. When we bought our block we paid $5000 less. However a girlfriend bought her first property last month, it's a 2 bed apartment in a popular inner city suburb, and she paid $18000 more than the asking price - apparently there were a lot of offers so she wanted to make hers attractive, and from the hints her realtor was giving her, hers was only the highest by a couple of thousand.
Our first we paid asking price but it was $119,000 about 5-6yrs ago and we more than doubled that when we sold. This one we paid asking price as well. It had been on the market for ages and the price had been dropped constantly. We got it when it had dropped $50,000 below the original asking price. We tried to drop it more but the owners weren't keen which is understandable, they'd already dropped $50,000! LOL! It was barely around 12-18 months old when we bought it so we snapped it up. After we looked at it another couple were walking it. They had 4 kids with another on the way and they wouldn't have grabbed another 4 bedroom house with ensuite for that price here. We went straight to the real estate and signed a contract.

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Going to go out on a limb here, because it's what I know GV here in NZ to be, and say government valuation. LOL

Our house purchase turned to custard 2.5 years ago, but at the time we paid about $10,000 under asking price, but more than we wanted to. LOL This was at the 'height' of the NZ property boom, but it had been on the market for a while.

When we tried to buy houses in the UK we got what would have eben our first house for less than what they were asking, and the second house we attempted to buy we offered just under asking price they countered at asking price so we went back at asking price and then the vendor got greedy and asked for more and we walked away.

we paid asking price for our first house
our 2nd was listed as "offers over" so naturally we offered over. We were told that the other couple who had gone through at the same time had also made an offer so we offered a little bit more and got accepted even tho we had more conditions on our contract than them.

yes by G.V i meant government valuation.
And thanks ladies, now i sort of know whats a good offer and whats not

we payed $20,000 less than asking price
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