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wat do u class as a balanced meal... Rss

tonight we had meatloaf, roast veges and steamed greens but im left wondering if it was even healthy...all the fat that dripped off the meatloaf was really disgusting (tasted sooo good though)

I would class that as a great meal. Meat & veg, you cant get any better,
lol!!! well it tasted pretty bloody good grin
Saturated fat is good for you, just in moderation. Apparently a healthy plate is divided into thirds. One third is starchy veg or grains, one third is vegies and the other is meat/fish/dairy and things high in fat or sugar.
Nothing wrong with that meal at all! Got to remember some fats are good for you.

If you are unsure and don't like it, go for a leaner mince/meat, i find meat from a butcher is better quality, i never buy meat from the supermarket as I always think it seems to have alot more fat on the cuts and in the mince.

was Bubbagirlsmama

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