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how many times a week do u have.. Lock Rss

spaghetti on toast or something easy for dinner?

im curious because ive been trying my hardest to make healthy meals everynight and DP asks me y we just cant have toast for tea some nights!!
'Fuss Free Friday' in this house LOL! That could mean beans & poached egg on toast or fish fingers, oven chips & salad... anything simple and easy to prepare and clean up afterwards.

Never. I always make sure we have a decent meal on the table as Dh would not accept toast. If Dh didnt care i would prob have something like that on Sundays.
One night a fortnight we have homemade pizzas cos DD will eat them other than that I have to cook veges and proper stuff every other night, cos she just won't eat it. I will do fish n chips, but still has to be homemade or she won't eat it LOL, i have a child who needs and wants her veges and won't eat "easy/simple" meals.

ETA: DF would have toast/toasties/burgers (all homemade) everynight. So once a fortnight also I have to cook her dinner then do something like that for us which makes twice the mess and twice the work LOL
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was Bubbagirlsmama

One or two nights, usually Friday and Saturday.
We only have easy dinner once in awhile. Depends what we being doing the day. By easy i mean toasted sandwiches. But we trying to eat healthy.

about 2-3 times a week. Tuesdays i do homemade pizza's, Fridays is always our take away night and whatever night DF has cricket or touch footy i just do scramble eggs/ommlettes or mince on toast.. i cant see the point in going to all that effort for a nice dinner when i'll be the only one eating it and DF's gets nuked in the microwave

Posted by: dani09
Never. I always make sure we have a decent meal on the table as Dh would not accept toast.

gees. my DH would be cooking dinner himself then. LOL.

We probably have 1 'easy' meal a week, usually the night that has soccer training. Sometimes it may be more, sometimes not at all, depends on what is happening really. DD always has something nutritious due to her allergies, so her 'easy' dinner usually consists of bananas, grapes, watermelon... yummy yummy, fruit salad - cause bread is out of the question.
Once a week. Easy meal options include 2 minute noodles, sandwiches, toasties or just frozen fish cakes & chips put in the oven. Every now and then I have a really bad day and that's when DH goes out and gets takeaway! Also on Mondays, I have been making salads, like chicken salads or something light cos usually the night before we've had a big and extra yummy meal at my parents place. smile

Once a fortnight. We go a long way up the coast for our groceries and usually have a big day out while we're there, and when we get home I have a fortnight worth of groceries to unpack, so DH does a quick easy tea for us all while I get it sorted. It can be anything from spag or beans or eggs on toast, or oven chips and eggs, or frozen pizza. But I make sure he has something decent to come home to during the week.
sunday nights are easy nights

i''''m baking a baby

We cook up some sausages on the BBQ at least once a fortnight and about once a month we have pasta and cheese for dinner (usually when we really need to shop).
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