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Tonight. Lock Rss

What's for dinner? smile]

food.(any food, i dont care, im 19 weeks pregnant hahaha) acutally i was thinking curried sausages and rice... you?
fish on the bbq and vegies for me dh and ds
dd vegies and pasta probably
beef strog and mashed potatoes
we had BBQ chicken thighs, baked potatoes and salad. Still hungry though.....

ewww I am going to have baked beans on toast. I got the master foods beef strog thing and it smelt foul so i couldn't eat it but DP and DS1 did and they both liked it!
The kids are at mum's for dinner, DP is having left over pizza and I just put a quick quiche in the oven, I think I might have chips with it

Sweet and sour meat balls and bake at home rolls.
Corned beef aka Silverside with vegies and skinny white sauce

Cheers Ness

The kids had veal tortellini with creamy bacon and cheese sauce, and I had a nice healthy salad smile
sausage and veg.

Only just eating dinner now sad I'm having chili chicken tender sandwiches with peas and chips. There was supposed to be honey carrot too but it was one of those nights.
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