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Somebody with FB can they help me??? Lock Rss

Can some one please PM me and I will give them my name. I want to know if you can see me on FB. I like to be hidden and I am surprised to find that someone thinks that can see me, let alone see what is on there....

I can if you like.
Thanks smile

If you go into privacy settings, you can view your profile as someone else would see it. There's a part where you type in a name.
That part is only for friends. I just wanted to make sure that a random person cant see anything. You know?????

Oh I see. I haven't tried it for someone not on my list. Hope you got it sorted. smile
Yes and no. Ppl can not search me, but I dont understnad how this person can see things when they are not my friend. ALl my settings are only friends. hmm.....

Hey, I'll log in as my husband and find you in my friends and see what he can see if that'll help.
I have pméd you smile
Nup, nothing. You don't even show up in my friends list so I don't know how they can see you.
If i go to your profile Shari she shows up on your friends list! Weird?!
That is really weird! What can you see if you click on her?
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