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Out of curiosity do formula fed babies sleep better.

My friend brought this up one day when i mentioned ill be FF the little man. She said that everyone she knows who BF their baby has never slept the night while her DD did from a few weeks old. I knew a few people who BF and there babies did slept the night.

Does formula help babies sleep the night?
My BF baby sleeps heaps better than my FF baby did. And BF baby definately sleep through the night more often.

the reason that they sleep better is cause formula is harder for them to digest and so they feel fuller for longer ..where as breast milk is easy for a baby to digest and so they need filling up again

that is how I understand it anyway ...

Grace is now a fantastic sleeper and she is BB ...Luke had a formula bottle at bedtime from when he was 12 weeks and diddnt sleep till he was 18months .....

Well from a purely personal perspective...

My son was fully BF till almost 10 months. Slept a 10 hour block at night from 8 weeks and then 12 hour block from around 6 months and stil does and he just turned one.
My good friend couldn't BF and FF from about 2 weeks, Her son is a few weeks older then mine and has never slept more then 8 hours in block. He usually wakes 2 - 3 times a night still.
I really don't think it has heaps to do with it.
Every baby is different so they'll all sleep differently smile

In my expereince I don't think it makes a difference, it depends on each individual child. With both my ds's I didn't notice the difference in sleeping when they went from BF to FF.

I also think it depends on each child. Both my babies have been MOSTLY FF, DS slept through from 3 months and DD not regularly sleeping through until about 7 months.

Statistically I don't think it makes much difference if bubs is FF or BF they are either a sleeper or they are not.

However in my experience DD self weaned from the breast at 4 months old and was put on to formula and strated sleeping thought the night with a dream feed from 4.5 months.
DS is 18 months and still is being breast feed, and has only just started sleeping through the night and will still wake up some nights.

[Edited on 13/02/2010]

I don't believe that FF babies sleep better than breastfed babies.
My two were both FF DD was a great sleeper from a young age, DS woke several times a night (sometimes for a bottle) until he was just over 12 months. I have friends who have fully breast fed babies and they have slept all night from a really young age and the only time they would wake would be due to teething etc, and their other kids were fully breast fed and would be awake every 2 - 3 hours for a feed.
[Edited on 13/02/2010]
My DD was BF for 8weeks and began sleeping through at 4weeks doing approx 7-9hrs a night. My DS was FF from 3weeks and began sleeping though at 5 weeks doing 7-8hrs a night.
I don't think it makes a difference i think it depends on each individual child. I've been extremely lucky that both mine have slept though from an early age.

Such a myth IMO.

As F said, the whole premise is that FF fed babies sleep better than BF babies because formula is harder and takes longer to digest (kind of like introducing solids ealry to aid sleeping).

I know babies that slept well as BF bubs, some slept awful as BF bubs, the same as some FF babes slept well and others did not.

DD was fully bf and first slept through the night at 5 days old. I was still in hospital and woke up and screamed because I thought she had died. LOL
She has always been a great sleeper
Emilie started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks when she was fully breastfed. And kept sleeping just the same when she was switched to formula. Maddi was a good sleeper too and she was 50/50 until about 4 months.

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