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DH and I just had a bit of an argument... Lock Rss

I told him I'd planned this beautiful dinner that I was going to cook for dinner on Valentine's day.

Entree: Seared scallops with mango salsa

Main: New York sirloin with fresh beans cooked in garlic and topped with silvered almonds and baby potatoes with mint butter.

Dessert: White chocolate and raspberry creme brulee

And he said he didn't want it. sad I was like whaaaaaat? It took me ages to think up a dish you'd like! His reply? Well I don't really feel like that on Sunday.

I was a little bit confused (and hurt) until he revealed that he was hoping to surprise me because he booked us a nice dinner at a flash restaurant and has organised for MIL to look after DS and everything!! He took me out last sat to a really nice place and said that was my 'dinner'!!!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Eat your hearts our ladies. It looks like my DH has found his romantic side!!! OMG OMG OMG!! haha

Ahahahahahaha that's great! I was like 'what??' but then yeah, have a great night!! What a sweety!

I like the sound of your meal! But what an awesome DH you have... ENJOY!

Aww thats so sweet! Lucky you and enjoy!
Isn't that sweet, are you spewing now it he's surprise was 'ruined'? how lovely though, you guys will have a great night!
lol nope I'm not upset that the surprise was ruined!! I'm so chuffed. He's really been making an effort to be nice and romantic lately, he even went and got a movie out for us to watch along with a nice dessert. Nawwwwww! I'm just really surprised he wanted to go out to a ritzy restaurant again since he took me out last saturday!

There is hope, ladies! My DH didn't used to have a romantic bone in his body. I guess nagging eventually works. haha smile
Awww!!! Thats soo sweet!!!! I hope you have a magical night and its very romantic smile

So I guess that means you wouldn't mind shipping your planned dinner my way then...... grin Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!

DP and I had planned to go out for dinner tonight (to avoid packed restaurants, and $10 rose hagglers tomorrow) but he went out last night and spent alot of money so I dont think we'll be doing anything now sad

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