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Putting 21 month DD into toddler bed - tips PLEASE!!! Rss

I have put this in the correct section, but we all know how slow replies tend to be there lol, and I'm desperate!!!

Tonight I'll be attempting for the first time to put DD in her toddler bed to sleep.....

Does anyone have any tips for me please???!!! I'm already going insane and it hasn't even happened yet lol!
I just put dd into a bed too... I'm not sure if it's the correct way to do it but I talked it up to her all day, reminding her that she is going to sleep in her 'big girl' bed and she seemed excited about it.

I had to put her back to bed about 3 times and there were a few tears but nothing major. I think it's important not to get angry at them and just keep calmly putting them back - you want to keep it as a good place to be, not as a place that you go where mummy gets angry.

Just don't fall into the trap of laying with her or stroking/patting her to sleep unless you want to keep doing this every single night.

Someone I know on FB recently did the switch and said she had to put her dd back to bed 27 times! LOL

Keep persisting with the same method and eventually she'll get it.

Be consistent, and tell her about the bed during the day and how only big girls go in beds and maybe have a teddy for her, to cuddle but when u put her to bed give her kiss cuddle and dont stay too long with her, if u do she will be up straight away for more cuddles and will find a way out of going to bed

if that makes sense

27 times eeep!!!! She's in daycare today, but the bed has been in her room for a few months now, so she's used to seeing it at least, and she knows what it's for.

Should I shut the door, or keep it ajar and put a baby gate up?
I don't know about a baby gate... I havn't tried it but I KNOW for dd it might make it easier in that I wouldn't have to put her back to bed - but she's more likely to scream until she falls asleep on the floor.

Give her the option... "door open or door shut?" If she can choose her options she might feel more in control. Sometimes my dd has the door open if she asks for it, but if she doesn't ask I shut it.

Posted by: Chalys
Just don't fall into the trap of laying with her or stroking/patting her to sleep unless you want to keep doing this every single night.

As a parent who has actually done this for both children at various stages we don't have to do it every night; in fact normally with DS2 I NEVER have to do it and with DS1 it's maybe 3 times a month and it means we are not up and down like a yo-yo for hours on end trying to keep him in bed and as a bonus I get to sit down for more than 30 seconds and might read a chapter or two of a book or a magazine.

DS2 who is 28.5ish months has just decided that he doesn't want to sleep in his cot any more, nor after more than 3 weeks needing anyone to sit in his room with him or rock/pat to sleep. He got up once the first night, twice I think the second night and once last night. He's been having day naps in there too and the first time he didn't get up, the second time he got up once, the third time once and then today he didn't get up at all.

Keep it 'light' and try not to get angry (easier said than done at times) if she keeps getting up cause then bed isn't a fun place to be, nor is bedtime, for anyone. It's early days yet but the transition has gone way easier than it did with DS1 and I'm a bit more mellow about the whole thing. We keep his door open when he's drifting off and pull it to when he is asleep so that if he needs us for any reason he can get out himself and not wake the whole house screaming it down cause he's shut in. LOL

I did the baby gate thing with DS1 because his bedroom was at the top of the stairs and didn't want him falling down them (well looking back that's what I told myself hehehehe), all he did was scream the house down and get wound up; for some reason I found myself getting more angry and frustrated about that then him getting out of bed. LOL Plus personally looking back I think it was a major health and safety hazard. I personally wouldn't physically obstruct them from being able to leaving their room, but that's me.
[Edited on 10/02/2010]

Yep nothing wrong with spending 5 mins or so, or enough time to read a book. I sing dd 5 songs, give her a kiss and a cuddle and then go.

It's the staying until they're asleep that can become a trap.

YAY!!!! Great Thread! I am getting DS's bed delivered on Friday and I am sooooooooooo nervous. I am moving him into a different room and I have relos coming form overseas also so he HAS to be in his bed. I am going to try the reading of the book in bed as we do that every night on the couch before bed.

Thanks for all the tips girls, I'll let you know how I go next week too smile
i have just moved my 2 yr 2 mth old DD into a bed 5 nights ago.
I have had countless sleep issues with my child so i decided to take a "tough love" approach from the get-go to save making more problems down the track. this is what i did.

Took her shopping and she "helped" to pick a bed. We then picked nice sheets that she liked and when we got home we set the bed up, leaving the cot in the room.
That night we kept to the same routine as usual. Bath, brush teeth then 3 stories (which we read on the new bed and which all conveniently had characters who were pictured sleeping in big beds!)
We then gave kisses and cuddles from both myself and DH and told he it was time for bed and left the room and shut the door.
She got up 27 times.
Each time she got up we calmly and gently walked her back into her room (we waited outside her door very quietly) and took turns putting her back in her bed. We made no eye contact and said nothing. She got very upset and was exhausted by the 27th time but she finally fell asleep after about 45 minutes.
Night 2 was identical but it took over 30 times! This was her "testing" us to see if she could break us im sure LOL
Night 3 only took 8 times.
Night 4 took ZERO times.
She cried a tiny bit but she walked herself back to bed (we have a video monitor so i was spying on her LOL) and she fell asleep all by herself within 10 minutes.

So in less than a week she is now going to bed without us having to go in, and she is sleeping through the night. I couldn't be more happy!!!

This approach may not be ideal for everyone but its what i know needed to be done and i am very pleased with the results.

We had tried patting, feeding, holding, rocking, sitting in the room, the whole kit and caboodle and NOTHING worked until i gave in and did CC when she was in a cot so i decided that i was going to skip all the gentler approaches and just show her straight up that bed time means bed time and it has worked and she is getting good sleeps and is secure knowing that we are there if she needs us but she must stay in her room.

GOod luck
i meant to add that we left the cot in the room for 2 nights but she never once asked to go into it. so on the 3rd day we took it down and she hasnt asked where it is or anything smile
In our experience it's best just to whack them in there LOL
DS went into his big bed at the beginning of the year, just under 20months old.
He was absolutely fine!

We've also always done night sleep as the first sleep in the bed - they have a pretty set routine at night so they know bed time's coming up and they're tired so it just works better..

DS was fine and didn't even attempt to get out until DD went away for a couple of nights - since then he's been getting up out of bed and out of his room, but I lock his door and he gives up pretty quickly and goes back to bed.

Just keep everything the same I reckon. If they go to bed now with door closed, then leave it that way.. I guess if they sleep with door open, it might be an idea to get a gate so they can't keep coming out...

Great, thanks for the ideas girls smile

Will be interesting seeing she doesn't use a pillow or sleep under sheets/blankets and her head ends up where her feet are after a few tosses and turns....

I leave her door ajar so might leave it like that to start with, and if she gets out of bed and comes out into the loungeroom I might get the baby gate happening.
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