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Daycare, for or against? Rss

I'm considering sending my DD to daycare one day a week while I'm at Uni. I don't need to, my mum is looking after her. But it's mainly for her to socialise with other kids and get used to being left somewhere without me. I'm worried that she might have trouble adjusting to kindy in a few years if we continue to have her babysat by her grandmother in our home. Although I'm feeling very uncomfortable about sending her. But if it's good for her, I will.

Anyway, if you had the choice, would you send you child to daycare just for the above reasons? For those that have kids in daycare, do you think it's benefited them? For those that have never sent their child to daycare, how did they go when they had to start school or kindy? Are you happy they never went to daycare?

I'm just after personal experiences and opinions, please allow everyone to have their input without judgement smile

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I am against daycare for the reasons you stated lol.

DD (2.8yrs) has never been to daycare and has only ever been babysat by my best friend and usually at night, so he only puts her to bed. We go to story time at the library and playgroup once a week, I also meet up with friends with kids to go to the park once a week. I think that is enough socialisation for her.

She can start 3yr kinder just after her birthday, it is 2 days a week 9-3. I think she will do just fine without having been to daycare. We have been to visit a few times and every time she has loved it and not even once looked for me lol.

I personally think it is a load of crock sending a child to daycare for socialisation reasons. There are other ways kids can get to play with others.
I think it's a good idea for social reasons or moreso separation issues but the only thing that would hold me back would be the sickness! I used to have my nephew 2 days a week and he'd go to daycare one day and the amount of times he bought home a cold or a virus was ridiculous!

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I put both my boys in for socialisation and they have made soo many more friends and learnt alot of new things and grown developmentally smile i think its a great idea

My boys very rarely come home sick from childacre, DS#1 goes 2 days a week and DS#2 goes 1 day a week

I think one day a week is fantastic for socialisation reasons. I grew up on a farm and never saw many other kids before starting school. I still remember the shock of the first day of school and have always felt shy since. I hated that my parents didn't get me to mix with more people when I was younger, I think it would have toughened me up a bit with relationships with people in general. One day a week at daycare is great i think, but ultimately it's your decision.
How old is your child? I wouldn't for a baby/toddler just for those reasons personally, but for a 3-4yr old I would - but not just for 1 day a week. From all I've encountered and witnessed since S1 has been at daycare, 1 day a week kids have the hardest time adjusting.

I also think there are other avenues for socialisation that might benefit equally if you are looking for a shorter period of time - things like kindergym, kindermusik, swimming, playgroups, artgroups, dance etc.
I'm a big fan of childcare.
DD had her first day at kindy last week and she coped exceptionally well - I think because it was so similar to her childcare that she felt totally comfortable in that environment.

I really do think my kids having been to childcare will benefit them when they start kindy and then onto school.

My Ds goes one day a week and had done since he was about 20 months old.
To be completely honest I did it for my sanity. He is a pretty full on kid and despite taking him to play with my niece and nephew one day a week, swimming lessons, play group and kinder gym he still in my opinion needed something else... I work weekends so I would be flat out with him all week then work on the weekend so i never got a break. SO DH and I decided to try him knowing if it didnt work out we would pull him out no problem.
To be honest it took him about 6 weeks to settle in, he would cry when we dropped him off but teachers said he settled quickly and had a great day. Hes been there nearly a year and now he LOVES it. Asks to go all the time, has made lovely lil friends and comes home soooo happy and filthy dirty smile
I do agree that one day a week kids take longer to settle but i didnt want him in any more than that and he did settle with time.
It is great for me cos i use the morning to get house work done cos DS is a severe asthmatic so its hard to clean when he is around and I use the after noon for "me" time, to have a rest and do what i need to do so i have a little more energy to have fun with DS

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Im against daycare unless of course you have to go back to work etc. This is for me only. I dont have an issue with what others do with their kids daycare wise. But for me, I just like to stave off all of the illnesses for as long as I can! hehe

Kindy is there to learn socialisation. Its not for reading or writing etc, so she will be fine with learning those skills then. In fact, DD1 didnt go to daycare and just started at kindy, but DD2 went to daycare at 3(due to me having to go back to work after divorce). DD1 is fine socially and maturity wise and DD2 still has issues. Not as bad now as they were, but became very anxious, started wetting the bed again and did until 8 years of age. Had trouble at school and when we had a meeting with the principal, she started crying and going on about daycare. This was when she was in grade 3 - years after daycare.

It wasnt the daycare itself as my eldest used to go there before and after kindy and she was fine. Still today, DD2 will sometimes cry and cling to me and not want to go to school. She is in grade 5.

Sooooo if I had my time again, I would NOT send my kids to daycare and my 2 boys wont be going either.

Obviously this is just one bad example, but I guess you have to take all kinds of stoires on board in order to make the right choice for you.

I start uni this year too! Hoping I can juggle 4 kids - two of which are 3 and 1 AND study! hehe It's good that you have your mum to help you.
our 2 older boys started at a day care centre together when they were 17 months ( the younger one) and 2 and 5 months or ( there abouts).The reasin bebing I was hospitalised for several months and it was to help dh and his parents with the children's care.Otherwise they would have started at 2.5-3.The centre they went to was fantastic all 3 of the attended and it really helped them not be shy around other adults and kids.They also had a fantastic education programme and helped with getting them school ready.We did not pick up many bugs from preschool.I am all for day care/preschool for various reasons but you have to feel its the best scenario for your situation.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Sorry, I forgot to mention DD is 18 months old. I guess I am so concerned because she's still so young. I feel if she was older I wouldn't be on the fence so much, as I could explain to her what's happening.
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