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Princessdora update :( can't stop the tears Lock Rss

GBH sweetie

Oh my gosh Rhiannon. I can't express how sorry I am and for what you will have to endure tomorrow and each day since this happened. Im so, so sorry.
I'm so very sorry for the loss of your precious boys. I pray that your days become easier, and your hearts start to mend soon. xx RIP litte ones.
Big big hugs for tomorrow hun, you will be in my thoughts and prayers all day...

Rip little ones

I couldn't imagine anything worse than never being able to see og cuddle my boys again. Wishing you all the strenth you need to get thru tomorrow and every day after that.

Rest in peace Harrison and Hamish.

RIP Hamish and Harrison and GBH to you princessdora. My thoughts are with you xxx

I am so very sorry that you are going through this awful time xx
My thoughts are with you.... Stay strong xx
I'll be thinking of you and your family today. Your darling boys will fly with the angels, and be watching over you always together xxx
GBH for today, your little men will always be together looking out for each other and watching over thier family

Stay strong xxx

Thinking of you and your DH today as you say goodbye to your darling angels... they'll be forever in your hearts and watching over you for the rest of your lives.

R.I.P Hamish & Harrison, fly free with the angels -xx-

Thinking about you on this difficult day and hope that as the days, weeks and months pass it does get easier for you and your family.

I am so sorry that you're having to go through this.

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