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Princessdora update :( can't stop the tears Lock Rss

I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your wee babies. Please know that your are in my thoughts.

Rest in peace little angels xx

oh that is just so terribly heart breaking.
my thoughts and prayers are with princessdora and her family, we will pray they find the strength to cope with such sadness.

I cannot even begin to imagine the degree of pain and grief that you are in. I am so sorry to hear that you have to say goodbye so soon to your twin angels.

Keep each other company babies until the day your family can hold you again and tell you how much they love you and miss you.

Dee xx
sorry to hear about your babies, my thoughts are with you

Melissa, Lachlan 6 & Andrew 3


So sorry to hear about your loss, 2 little princes taken far too soon..... sad

Is OVER rude people

OMG, im so so sorry, my heart goes out to princesdora and her family. This is so heartbreaking. Thinking of you xxxxx
I don't know what to say- but I want to pass on my best wishes to Princessdora and her family.

May you RIP sweet babies.


My deepest condolences to Princessdora and her family. No words can convey just how sorry I am to read of your terrible loss. Know that you and your precious angel babies are in my thoughts and prayers.

I'm so sorry your babies couldn't stay sad

Rest safe in the arms of angels little men.

PS what are the babies' names?

My thoughts are with you & your family. I'm so sorry to hear about your precious bundles. xx

I am so so sorry to hear of such devastating news.

Two darling little boys, taken from their mother far too soon.

Thinking of you Princess Dora.
Thank you for all the condolences. I havent read all the replies because my eyes are filled with tears. It is amazing how caring people are when they dont even really know someone.

We have had the worst times of our lives this past week and it feels as if it is getting harder each day.

Tomorrow our little boys get cremated which is even more heartbreaking, We had to place them in thei rlittle coffins and lock the lid, never to be seen or held again. I would never wish this upon anyone.

I cherish the time we did get to spend with our little boys no matter how brief it was. We got to spend 6 precious hours with Harrison Baylis an 15 hours with Hamish Mathison. I will forever be greatful for that.

I will read through some more of the messages in the next few days, thankyou again from myself and my husband, every little bit of support helps

Rhiannon and Ben

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

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