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Princessdora update :( can't stop the tears Lock Rss

Fly free with the other angels sweet babies.
Princessdora my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family xx
I am so terribly sorry for her, losing one baby would be hard let alone two. I hope that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that although things are hard at the moment they get better in the near future.
That is terribly sad news. Thinking of you.

Absolutely devastating news.

All our love and deepest sympathy for the Family.

It is something so terrible that it is nearly unbelievable.

Fly free little ones. You will be missed eternally.

Love M2ACP & Family
I am so sorry to hear this! My love and thoughts are with princessdora and her family during this sad time...

Such sad news, incomprehensible, fly free little boys. Thinking of you and your family princessdora at this sad sad time
<3 xx
Absolute devastation. I can only offer my condolences. Was going to come on to Huggies for a chat, but after reading this, everything else seems so unimportant and disrespectful almost. So sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking.

my thoughts and condolances are with princessdora and family

RIP little ones, you will forever be missed xxx
I have no words, please know you are in my thoughts

Fly little babies
how can one express how much sorrow and heartbreak i feel for this family.... Its just so devastating that this has happened, there is nothing i can saty that is of any help,no advice i can give, all I can do is offer my deepest sympathies to all the family.... wahta a very sad sad time . I am so very sorry.. Yvette

8 babies..5boys 3 girls

Oh my goodness, I am so terribly sorry to hear such devistating news. I really don't know what to say, I'm just so sorry.
My thoughts are with you and your family xx
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