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Princessdora update :( can't stop the tears Lock Rss

I am at a loss for words, but know you are in my thoughts. thinking of you at this terrible time. xx
I am so very saddened to learn of Princessdora's loss. Words are not adequate but I hope she feels the love and support of her Huggies family.

May her twins watch over her and the family and fly free in heaven.

Love Elisa xx

My heart is breaking for your loss

Words cannot express how sorry I am for you & your family

Fly free little ones ?

There are just no adequate words. But am thinking of you all at this sad time. Deepest sympathy to PrincessDora and her family xxxx

I don't know you Princessdora, but I am so sorry to hear about your little angels.

My thoughts and condolences are with you and your family.

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

So so sorry to hear of your loss.
My thoughts & prayers are with you & your little ones. xx
I'm so very sorry for your families loss Princessdora. Thinking of you and your angels -xo-
I am in shock and dont know what to say.
Princessdora and family my heart goes out to you and your family at this terrible time.
RIP boys you will always be together watching over you family


Larissa Charlotte Brayden

I'm so very sorry to hear of this tragic loss. My heart goes out to princessdora and her family xxx
I'm so sorry to hear this news. All my thoughts are with Princessdora and her family at this time.

OMG so heartbroken to hear this. Thinking of you and your family, RIP little ones xoxoxo
Sorry for your loss sad RIP Little Angels
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