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Is this acceptable???? Rss

Don't you have to have a license to have a snake anyway? Which would require knowledge about them.

Yes you do need a license to keep a snake but no you don't need to prove you have any knowledge about them to get the license....all you do is fill the forms out and pay the licensing questions asked.

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I went into the daycare this week to talk to them about it and the snake was gone... I asked the admin lady about it and she said that it was a loan from the melbourne zoo.... I find that a bit strange cause the glass tank it was in wouldve been 5ft long... thats a large tank (and stand) to freight to a daycare centre for 1 week... btw we live in a small rural town in Southwest qld.. so not like that snake wouldve been here for any other reason. I had spoken to other parents who said they put in a formal complaint.. .so i wouldnt be surprised if they got rid of it cause of the complaints.

Maybe they did it as an educational tool for the week then. Probably because you live in a rural area!
that's great! I find it hard to believe melb zoo would send a snake to a cc centre in outback qld for a week for 'show and tell' - who knows maybe they do. I'd be betting my guess on mass complaints and this white lie to cover their ass though! lol

Either way, glad to hear it's gone!
Glad they got rid of that snake(i hate snakes). Something sounds weird that a zoo would give a daycare a snake for a week then take it back. It would cost alot to send the snake to where you are. Kinda sounds like the daycare centre covering up on something.

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