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How can this be fair? Rss

No it doesn't seem fair at all. The way I see it is 'it doesn't matter how old it is, it is still a butt on a seat', which is what it does come down to for us. That is how the funding in allocated from Community Services.
We have well over 100 enrolled for this year.....We have 3 different groups for 4yr old ( operating on differing days, in 2 classrooms, and 1x 3yr old group who come one or more of Tue, Thur or Fri am.

I would still seek clarification from the Management
sounds a bit strange, does the local school not have preschool for 4 year olds? we live in a small town also, my 4yo daughter just started at our local school a couple of days a week, she goes full time next year. we have a community kindy for 3 year olds only.
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