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We carefull chose a Catholic school for our DD. This was based on my knowledge of the school in the area (both public and private). Our decision was based on the number of children enrolled, the length of time that staff had been employed, the facilities and the way that our daughter was acknowledge and spoken to at our enrollment interview.
Our school fees are not what I consider to be too high - a local Anglican school has upped their fees this year and have lost a LOT of families, many of which have moved to our school.

I love that the Principal plays handball with the kids in the courtyard, and that he know my daughter, mine, and my husbands names. That says a lot to me.
Also, the prinicpal is very keen to become informed about Early Childhood education - the prior to school stuff - and that is my baby.
Really it is choice that only YOU can make in the end.
when we made our choice, it was after visiting the school, talking with the principal, having a tour and hearing what he was doing with the government supplement package received last year.

like i said in my pp, the public schools are just not up to scratch and given that i pay more in childcare fees for 2 days than i would for 5 days at this school, it is certainly worth it for us.

but i do agree with a pp who said if the publics were just as good as the private, then that is where our kidlets would be going hands down. unfortunately, that is just not the case here.
So glad I found this thread. I had posted a similar question on another. As with you Jazzmum, my ds starts prep in 2012 but and researching now.

When is education week so you can visit schools? Other than then, how do you find out how large classes are? If you don't know others with kids in school in your area how do you know if its a good school?

I live northern end of the gold coast so if anyone has comments on schools in this area, please let me know.

Feel like you need to make the right decision from the start because i'd hate to have to change ds's school a year later and make him leave friends and have to settle into a new one.

Public or private does not determine the content taught in a clasroom. Every school must follow the state curriculum. So the maths taught in a private school is the same as in a public school classroom. In nsw the dept of education gets first pick of new graduates in their targeted grad program and they are offered full time positions in public schools. I find that public school teachers are often more vocal about issues in the is harder to sack them lol, whereas in a private school, it is often better not to rock the boat. This is only an observation based on friends who are in the profession and have taught on both sides. There is a difference on school will find more children with special needs in a public school because they must take all students and private schools may pick and choose. But that is real life, you will come across all kinds of different people in life and school shouldn't be any different. Yes, resources are often less at a public school...but the best resourse is the teaching staff. Most public schools are in the process of receiving huge grants for capital works and I think that will see a great improvement but its only really bricks and mortar. I went to private school for primary and high school and although I had a great schooling I don't put it down to it being a private school, it was the teachers and my parents.
I have no problem with either public or private schooling as I believe you need to find the right school to fit the child. I went to public schools (both primary and High) and DH went to private the whole way and it was a waste of money on him as they didnt cater for his interests. He would have been better off at one of the public schools that did agriculture and he may have stayed in school and done year 12, the same goes with most of the people we know.

We have the kids names down at one of the local Lutheran Schools but are also looking into the public ones and the one we have chosen has smaller class sizes and only a total of 230 kids. They have been reccommended to us by 3 different teachers which is a good sign.

edited to add of everyone I know who went to uni most of us came from public schooling and 3 have become DRs and 2 lawyers.
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We are thinking of public primary and private secondary.
Does anyone know how to find out what public schools you are zoned for? We have quite a few locally and I want to know what I can choose from.

Posted by: YaddiYah
Short answer -

If you can comfortably afford to send your kids to a private school then I personally think they are worth EVERY cent

If you realistically can't afford it - and you would be stressed about money or both parents would have to work big hours to send them there etc then I would look for a good public school

I could go on with reasons and 'cases' but I would be sure to offend someone no doubt wink


You will also get a 'feeling' about the schools when you visit them, go with your instincts! The environment is just as if not more important than results on a piece of paper.
We have sent DD to a private school, she started last week and I am very happy with my decision.

I personally think that private school is more important in primary years than high school years as hopefully they will take what they have learnt at primary school to high school. The values of being a good person, good Christian and overall how to handle life in general.

We checked out both the public and the primary school and personally the private school offered a LOT more than the public one did. I am comfortable with my decision.

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