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speaking of credit cards.... Lock Rss

Do you think it possible/resonable request to ask the credit card company for the interest rate to be lowered?

lol, are you serious?
Yeah it possible to ask... But i very much doubt they would even concider it LMAO!!
It'll never happen unfortunately. They don't have the authorisation to lower your interest rate without having to lower everyone else's too!

No it wouldnt happen.

If you have a really high interest rate, why not think about doing a transfer of the amount to another bank if they offer a lower rate.

I know in NZ they generally do 4.99% p.a for the 1st 6 months if you do a transfer
I have never let my credit card go into the time where interest is getting charged (we use ours all the time, but pay it off monthly), its so high on credit cards, they are a bad bad thing and can end up costing an arm and a leg.

You could look into those balance transfers that are available at banks, I have seen them advertised, for 1.99% for 6/8 Months but you would need to set a plan and pay it off during that period otherwise you will be in same boat.

was Bubbagirlsmama

If you no longer want the card some banks will cancel it and roll it over into a loan. (I know Westpac does this because at one stage I was going to do it)
I am not sure if it results in a black mark against your name but there are certain conditions to it. Westpac offered to have 3-6 months interest free depending on conditions.
You can try transfers but you have to get approval first which can be a pain sometimes.

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