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From a polite TA? to RAHJGSDJHVDL:SJH:B!!!!! Rss

My DD 16months has gone from politley saying TA? when she would like somehing to just going up to it or me and screaming ARGGH to get it. Obvs I don't give it to her but sometimes she will just throw herself on the floor and chuck a tanty if I don't give it, so I keep trying to say "no, you need to say ta" etc and trying to remind her to ask nicely but she just isn't wanting to listen. Sometimes she will still say it but more often then not she will just walk up and yell at me for me to get her something. Is this early terrible twos?? How do I teach her this is not a nice way to behave and when do I start teaching her please and thankyou rather than just ta?
how to teach it?Good question its a work in progress here but its never too early.I must say that as bad mannered as mine are at home, they are quite polite to others(mostly) and well behaved when it counts just drives me crazy that they dont have the same respect for me.It could be the start of the terrible 2's but they never end just go into the terrifying 3's etc LOL welcome to my world!
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My 2.5 DD rarely says TA. Sometimes we get 'peas' but mostly it is just this horrible 'eehhhhh' noise.
All I have been doing of late has been
'oh, would you like this? Mummy please can I have ......?'
'Mummy PLEASE'
'Mummy ....'
'peas/ta mummy'

DH is a stickler for it and has had he trying to ask for 5 min before finally relenting.

All we did was say "ta" to him when we gave him something. So we'd hand him his drink and say Ta just before we let go of it so he got the association. Now we ask him to say please, without forcing him to every time, BEFORE he gets something. Again, we'd just say something like "would you like a drink? What do you say?" We'd say please and then hand it to him. Now he regularly says pleas and ta in the appropriate context, without prompting 8-9 times out out 10.

It's just trial and error, my 6 year old is getting better again, we remind him to use his manners and though some days he remembers, we seem to be 'reminding' him alot lately. LOL

As the PP said, use association. I wouldn't use the word no (as instantly its negative association so they tend to get the irrates lol), I would just say what she needs to say as you give it to her. Or when she yells at you, just say to her, "please mummy can I have ....."

My 2 year old mostly always says please and thank you now, but we use it with her to. If I ask for something off her, I say "please can I have it" and If she gives me something I say "thank you" now she does the same. We do have to remind her sometimes by saying "what do you say" or using the correct word.

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