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Security Cameras Rss

Would you have them on your house or do you think they would bring unwanted guests??

DH is thinking of putting security cameras up at our new house partly because the garage is separate to the house and once we drive in and go inside you wouldnt know if the door had gone down properly etc and as it backs onto a lane way in the new estate, anyone could have free for all, and he wants to make sure the door has gone down by putting one on the top of the garage and the unit comes with three other camera out lets which he wants to install two on the side of the house and one downstairs so that the unit can be viewed from the living area upstairs.

The house is like a queenslander, massive big decking upstairs around the front and side and the kitchen, our bedroom and formal living area is upstairs where as the children are downstairs and so is the family room and front door. Besides having triple locks on the front door, security screens, window locks and door pin locks.... DH thinks the cameras would add security when he is away, considering the house also sides onto a massive wet land and park.

My concern is that people will think we have a crop growing or have something to hide and find it a challenge to break into the place. What are your thoughts?
Hmmm if i did have that in my house id be one happy girl LOL

Meh dont do that! LOL

Yeah Im just worried about when DH goes away and I see someone moving on the camera... I think that would freak me out knowing someone is actually there!
I think it is a great idea. We have them installed in a couple of outdoor locations at our house, and we have them connected to the tv systems - so channel 1 on any tv in the house is the front door, ch 2 is the driveway etc etc. I love it.
If DD happens to be in the house on her own (and we are in the yard for eg) and the doorbell rings, she knows to go to ch1 and see who it is. If she knows them, she can let them in, otherwise, she is to come and get us.
Definately worth it
I don't mean to scare you, but the first thing that came to mind was this...

You mentioned that your DH works away at times.

The more worrying thing for me is that the master bedroom is upstairs and the kids bedrooms are downstairs. And the security cameras could only be watched from the lounge room.

In other words, I you wouldn't be able to watch the cameras at night time while you're in bed and night time is probably the more likely time a house would be broken in to - We had people trying to break into our house at 1am a few weeks ago while we were still awake inside. And IF (touch wood it doesn't happen) someone was outside your house, you would be upstairs not able to hear it, and the kids would be downstairs! This to me is more of a security issue than the cameras. This is just my opinion and I by no mean am trying to upset you or anything, its just the first thing that came to mind smile

As for the cameras, if you would feel safer then go for it smile
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