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Has anyone been prescribed this drug for weight loss? Did it help, did you suffer any side effects?


i have been prescribed it and taken it before. I did lose some weight but put it back on when i stopped taking it. It is quite expensive too.

Also, there was a report on the news lately that it was supposed to be taken off the market due to it being related to a few deaths?? I never had any real side effects tho..

I lost weight alright- out of my purse - but nowhere else.

Did bugger all for me. Plus I have also heard that it is more dangerous than first thought.

I just don't beleive there is a quick fix pill out there -otherwise I would be on it, LOL. I'm doing it the old fashioned way, diet and exercise. It's hard, but so worth the results.

good luck!

thanks for the replies. can u also ask if you were both on an exercise and eating plan while on the pills?


I went on it a few years ago. I was off my face!! I had terrible anxiety and now i do suffer with anxiety and panic attacks! I took it for about 2 weeks then went off it...

I also was seeing a dietition while on it. When i stoped i continued to see her.

but DF also told me the other week they are getting rid of it or have done so... Personally after my experiance on it i dont blame them!
I think I was, but don't know how committed i was to it... was a long time ago.

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