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Anyones boys had this problem???

I have been told Brody may need a 'procedure' to fix it..

Anyone know whats involved with this????

My son is 18 months and having this done in March. His surgery is called an "orchidopexy"..may be best to google! lol
But basically his left testicle never came down and is stuck and has stopped growing. They will do a small incision and cut a bit of muscle I think then push it into the correct postion and stitch it. Day surgery..very common..has to be under though which scares me! Good luck with your son!


DS had this when he was born. We got it checked every 3 months when he was born just to make sure it hasnt come down. Now he gets checked every 6months.

At the moment its sits quite high but when i go to grab it I can pull it down into the sac which is a good thing. The surgeon said as he grows and gets taller it may go back up which is when he will need the procedure done.

But for the moment things look okay. He said that if it doesnt move by the time he is 5 all will be okay he will just have a high testical.

Just wanted to say when he was born you couldnt bring it down at all but over time you could pull it down. I was told to do this every nappy change to help encourage it to come down.

Hope that made sense. My little brother had the procedure done when he was 2 years old and was out of hossy in a few hours with no problems.

All the best

Hi, my oldest boy had this problem too! It never descended and he had day surgery to remove it as it basically shrivelled up and died!! The doc said it was a risk to leave it in their, it was really quick home on the same day and the incision was only about 1cm long!

Brody is 12 months now and he said if nothing had changed then they would do surgery at 18months as they still may come down. I never even thought to check his balls.

Tina- Thats unfortunate about your son... Hopefully it doesnt get that bad with Brody

My DS was actually born with it like that - it never descended and just didn't form properly...Doc said he would have no problems - he just might look a lttle different down there:))

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