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It DD's birthday party this weekend and I was talking to my Auntie about the games.
She told me when making the pass the parcel make sure you have a prize in every layer because that is the done thing now, everyone has to win.


Why are we teaching kids everyone wins when everyone knows that's not the case, its like we are just setting them up for a fall later on in life
No wonder kids are sore losers, because they have never been taught it is ok not to win every time!

What are your thoughts on this?

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Completely agree!
I've seen this done and the music man usually rigs it so that every child gets a present too! So uncool! That certainly won't be happening at my kid's parties!lol
I've noticed this at a few parties, it seems to be the way now that you put a freddo or something between every layer so no one misses out. When I was a kid there was only something at the end. Guess it's a good way of avoiding tanties though.
Yep! Political correctness hit birthday parties a decade or more ago now I think! I don't play pass the parcel for this very reason - too much pressure lol!

We just had DS's birthday party. It was a Thomas the Tank theme. I played "Fat Controller Says" (aka Simon Says) with no prizes - that was just a fun warmup game. Then we had a Bertie vs Thomas relay race - the winning team all got stickers as prizes.

Then we played a musical chairs type game, but it was pictures of trains on the ground. When the music stops they find a train to stand near (can be multiple kids). I had smaller versions of the train pictures in the FC's hat - drew one out and the kids on that train got to go and pick a pattycake. The 'losers' played again until everyone had won their cake.

I don't really think 3-4yr olds need to be getting competitive at parties, but I also don't think they should be taught that everyone will always win a prize. I found by having stickers as 'prizes', they had the fun of trying to win, but weren't overly heartbroken if they didn't.
growing up - at my birthday parties and once I went to - I never hada pass the parcel that didnt have something small in each layer. I dont see a problem with it. Its a bit f fun and happens once a year.
Yep I have seen it done at a few parties also. I don't see a problem with it.
It is my daughters Bday party on the weekend and we have put a lollipop and a little bubbles in each layer.

I don't think that is making them sore losers or that they must always win, its more of a treat and then they all get to blow bubbles together afterwards.

When I was a kid and went to parties (20+years ago), there was always a little treat in each layer.

was Bubbagirlsmama

I remember when I was in primary school, it was done both ways. Sometimes there was a lolly or something in each of the layers... still didn't mean everyone got one, but that's the way it was done. Sometimes there wasn't... I think both ways are fine.

At my niece's third birthday party, they played pass the parcel. I think that was a bit young to be introducing that game, because not all the kids got a present and some of them got upset (most of them were younger than three)... I think they were a bit young to understand the concept of receiving a present, and either not being allowed to unwrap it, or being allowed to unwrap it but there not being anything for them inside. I could understand them being upset, because they could see other kids getting a present, so of course it's upsetting if they get given the same parcel but are not allowed to have a present, and it's taken off them again. I just think they were too young.

With kids that are old enough to understand the game, I don't think a present in each of the layers is necessary at all.

Edited to add: if I was doing pass the parcel, I think I would put a lollipop or freddo or something in each of the laers, just because I think it is a bit of fun.
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I don't see a problem with it at all either... We had pass the parcel at Ryders 1st birthday, and every child got a prize, seriously i don't think its an issue at such a young age.

At such a young age I think it's appropriate to have something for everyone. They don't get the concept of winning or losing.
However when they get that touch older it's more accepted to have only a few 'win'.
With ours I always make it part of the next activity anyway like bubble blowing.

I've been to a few parties where pass the parcel has been done and everyone gets something. TBH I dont think it's about the "win" at the end, it's about everyone getting to tear a layer off! I'm a grown woman and I would feel ripped off if I didnt get a turn too! lol

We teach our kids to share everything else, so why not 'share' in the fun of ripping paper and getting a small prize?

They'll get taught that life isnt full of rainbows and roses soon enough, let them be kids and have fun. It's not a life lesson, it's a party game!
Posted by: Syrae
They'll get taught that life isnt full of rainbows and roses soon enough, let them be kids and have fun. It's not a life lesson, it's a party game!

I agree with this smile
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