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I thought it was about time...., Lock Rss

to introduce myself, after talking on Fb with another member, I realised I am quite insignificant in the scheme of the Huggies Forum.
I ahve been a 'fly on the wall' here for about 5 years, since our DS1 was 1yr old, he's now 6!!!
My name is Susan, married for nearly 10 years, 2 boys, aged 6 & 2.5 yrs. We live on a couple of acres with a mad horse and an even madder dog. Want one? lol
I work part-time, hubby works 2 jobs. Blah blah
So if you have seen me floating around, popping up here & there, you now know who I am smile I am on here every night, but only sign in occassionally.
There you go smile

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

Hi Susan,
Welcome to the Huggies Forum. I have one DS and he is 2 and nearly 3 months. I am a full time working mum and I enjoy jumping on to have a few laughs, asking for advice and sharing my experiences. DF and I are getting married next year in Thailand. Looking forward to chatting to you...
Hi!! If it makes you feel a bit better I've always noticed you, I think it's your username I just remember for some reason and I didn't realise you haven't posted that much lol. Seems like you're around here more!

Gotta say I've noticed you too! I wouldn't have said you were insignificant. I think we all think that, I know I was shocked when someone started a thread asking if I had had my baby, it's really weird to think someone noticed you!lol
I'm Shari, married to Chris and have one 3.5 month old daughter, Elodie (I usually call her Miss E or just E on here).
Yeah I've noticed you round too!! lol

Do you want some mad chickens to add to your lot? I am about ready to cook one up! It keeps escaping - today it was over in the neighbour's yard! I was sooooo embarrassed!
It's on its last warning and if it steps out of line once more, it's outta here! lol

Anyhoo, my name is pretty self explanatory. I have a DD 4 in April and a DS 2 a week after DD's birthday.
Hoping for another pink one in a few weeks smile

Hiya, i'll agree with the Sette in saying we all feel 'insignificant' but i assure you, i've also noticed you around and it's definately the username smile].

Im Karina, single mum to Izaak (3.5yrs) and Kyan (2yrs). Starting Uni this year doing a Bachelor of Nursing and then hopefully transferring into Bachelor of Midwifery at the end of the year. I haven't studied for 6ish years so could be interesting!

I must say I noticed you too and I think it is your username too, it just sticks.

Anyway my name is Emily, I have an almost 19 month old DS, Tyler, I also have a mad dog....but she live at my dads, I rent so mad dogs are definately not allowed.

Look forward to seeing you around!!!

Thanks everyone for your comments and replies, nice to know I have been noticed, hopefully for the good not bad lol.
Oh and my username is my way of trying to convince myself I don't need any more babies, if I say/type it enough it should work tongue
Cheers smile

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

I notice you - I've been around a while too smile

From memory, you are in Tassie as well?? (I'm in the north)

I'm Ree and I love to bargain
Hi Ree, yes I'm down south, close to Antarctica, well that's how it feel sometimes lol
I thought of you yesterday Ree, I got some bargains!!! lol
I picked up 4 necklaces for $10 each (they had $16.95 each on the original tags), and sandals for DS1 for $25 marked down from $54.
I was lying in bed quite chuffed with the new jewellery, and thought of you!! (no life, hehe)
Susan smile

Mum of 2 beautiful boys

Hi Susan, I always thought your most count would be higher lol. You seem to be around, with something good to say.

Anyway i'm Lynda and have a 3 1/2 yearold and a 7 month old dd's. They are both V's because I chose dd1's name and dh had a V name pop into his head and it suited.
We live in Brissie.

Now this will sound weird, but I did mention to mum that there's alot of bargins in Tassie atm. lol. Mum nd Dad are cruising your way tomorrow.
I am in the same boat - used to always post in a baby thread on here, not too much in general though I normally have a read through!! I'm Tina, have 4 kids, 2 boys,2 girls (guess you can probably tell that from my user name lol)

Ree, I have seen some of your bargain hunting posts - nothing better than snagging a bargain:)

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