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Hey all IF YOU USE THIS THEN DO FOR FUN ONLY... lmao that get the message accross ha-ha

Out of the 7 people I know personally that have used it only 2 have been right (and one of them had twins - 1 girl and 1 boy - so would be right either way)

A bit of fun for sure lol but if you secretly have your heart on one gender (yeah yeah I know we all want our baby to be healthy and dont care) then I would advise against it, I did not do it cause 2 of my friends both come up girls (one twins the other a boy) and if I had come up girl I would have been like OMG shop shop shop lol and then if I had a boy (yes I love Drew with all my heart and would not change him for the world) but honestly already having the 4 boys if I had been expecting a girl I would have been shattered (meh not for long I thank goodness he was not a girl seeing the ones at my sons school (scary) but trying to be honest)

Oh yeah and before anyone jumps on me I love all my boys, even if at times they drivce me mental he-he

Leigha''s little men smile

Posted by: *Just~Perfectx2*
No i would not use it even if it was given to me... I dont like to find out the sex of my children... But thats just me.

I'm the same - I love the surprise at the end smile
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