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Or what ever it is called! A preggo relative and I were discussing this over the weekend, she has bought one and is yet to test, she asked me if I would do it knowing that it is around a 90% accuracy. I told her that if it were around when I was pregnant, that I probably would as I can't stand not knowing!

Would you use it knowing it is not 100% accurate, just so you could find out at as little at 10 weeks gestation?

OR Have you used it and was it accurate?

I am NOT looking for a debate about the potential misuse of it for gender selection!

I think I would if I could afford it at the time...I have 4 children so will not be having anymore, but interested if anyone has used it and its become true the result given.

hmmmm good Q.. Im not one for finding out but if i was i dont think i would, as i would prefer to wait till the 20 weeks scan just to be sure- only because i wouldnt be able to help myself and start buying gender specific stuff lol

No i would not use it even if it was given to me... I dont like to find out the sex of my children... But thats just me.
How much is it?

I would just wait til the 18-20 week scan... still plenty of time to shop up on gender specific items when you find out then.

Nah I don't think I'd use it, I'd just wait til the 20 week scan.
I'm not sure how it works? Isn't it a urine test? I don't see how it picks up the sex of your baby from your urine lol

The girls on here that have done it, it's been wrong for most of them. Like Princessdora who is having twins. Apparently they were girls but both ended up being boys at their 20 week scan
Nope, not even if someone gifted it to me.

I don't need to know that badly. I go into the 20 week scans worrying about whether the bay is healthy, not about whether I find out the gender or not. We wanted to know with DS2 for logistical purposes, but he didn't cooperate, but he was healthy so in the end we didn't care that he didn't want to come to the party.

But that's me..........

TBH I probably would do it if someone gave it to me. But then I would also ask to have to sex told to us at the 20 week scan and see if it was right. We found out we were having a girl when I was pregnant with Sydney and I think I would probably find out again, thats what we like to do, each to there own.

Like Denae said, dont think it could be very accurate if it is testing your urine? And im pretty sur eits rather pricey too isnt it?

I tried it for a bit of fun. It gave a very clear boy result. Found out a few weeks ago we are in fact expecting our third little girl.

I must admit i did get my hopes up a bit after the boy result and was a bit dissapointed when we found out she wasnt a boy (which lasted all of about 2 seconds).

I kinda wish i hadnt done the test. I would say definately don't rely on it too much.
If given to me id use it for a bit of a laugh, but wouldn't take it to seriously at all.
I would not go out an buy one for my self.


I wouldn't do it. Being only 90% accurate I would still not take it for a definite so then I would still be waiting for the 20 week scan before I picked names and got the nursery ready etc. It would be exciting but I would just rather wait.
LOL even with DD2 and being told she was a girl I was still not certain and took boys clothes to the hossy just in case
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