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Dishwasher tablets and rinse aid Rss

We've finally replaced the old dishwasher after it decided to completely give up over Christmas.
The powder compartment on the old one was round so couldn't fit a tablet in it, and it didn't have the rinse aid compartment.
So, what are the best tablets and what's the best rinse aid?
[Edited on 26/01/2010]
I use Finish Powerball tablets and white vinegar as my rinse aid.
plan brand rinse aid.
Kwix powder
or aldi stuff. got their 5 in 1 tabs ATM and they seem to be working fine.
I use Finish powerballs and rinse aid - purely because this is what the manufacturer recommends. Check your paperwork - they may have a 'preferred' type. I am not sure whether it makes much difference or not, but after spending big $$ on appliances, I like to use the products that they suggest.
Apparently the tablets aren't the best option. Our F&P actually had a spike in the detergent compartment so that you couldn't use them. And it specified in the instructions not to. Have also been told by 2 friends that the person that installed their dishwashers told them no to use the tablets.
I use the cheapest homebrand, about $3/kg and vinegar as the rinse aid.
Well I did until I moved and am now renting a place with a new but competely useless dishwasher. So I'm handwashing everything.

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