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Who wants to be my FACEBOOK friend??? Rss

Hi everyone,

I have had facebook for last few months and looking for some new friends to chat too... Ones with kids lol

About me

im 30 :0 about to turn 31 i have a hubby we got married last year and we have 4 kids
DS 7 DS 3 DD 2 DS 8 months

would love to get to know u all

Oh also i am on level 50 of cafeworld and love some new neighbours!!!


i will be your friend i will send you a pm
hi thanks i have added u be great to get to no you!!!

I really have to get a pic up on my profile!!


Level 60 here just thought I would brag..

hi would like to be ur friend too but dont have cafeworld, ive sent a pm thanks

thanks to everyone who PM me im trying to add u all

level 60!!! cant wait to see you cafe smile


Just sent you a pm.
PM sent.
i have pmd u :0

grrrr wishful thinking im level 59 i want to see ur cafe lol. mines decked out to the alien theme atm haha .

thanks girls i have to go my bubs has woke and on the move!!! lol ill be back later to try add u girls who r on cafe world

thanks soo much for all the pms


I'm level 57 but nothing special mine looked heaps nicer when it was xmas with the Alien theme its boring!!

My Cafe is all hearts. Just before the Alien theme I sold all my tables etc etc and went to hearts and the next day they introduced the Out of Space.

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