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Hens night ideas please?! Lock Rss

So finally after being together nearly 30 years, My Dad proposed to Mum on Christmas Day and they are getting married in April (on her 50th bday)

Im after suggestions for her hens night. There will be 15-20 people coming, my 15 & 17 year old sisters will be there and possibly my Nan so it needs to be fairly tame.

Was thinking a lunch/dinner out somewhere nice but would want to do something else as well but not sure what.
Also thought possibly hosting at home, maybe having a Chocolate Party followed by yummy finger food & drinks but not real keen on then having to set up/clean up the house.

Im in Newcastle, thanks in advance for any ideas.

Hi! I'm in Newcs too and I had the best Hen's! Check out Raw Jaffa. You do a life drawing lesson with a nude male model. I had my mum there and also quite a few 'mature age ladies' and they all loved it! It's absolutely hilarious looking at everyone's drawings. The model is nude but it is done in a classy way.
I can't recommend it enough!
Thanks Sette - i had actually looked at their website this morning and thought it could be good. A friend has been to one in Sydney before and loved it.

What about a day at the races?
Hadnt thought of the races, thank you. Will look at race dates & see if any suit.

Hi Hayley! Congrats to your mum, I did see it on FB:)

What about a high tea?? I'm going to one next weekend for a hens night, all the older relatives and bridesmaids are going, then I'm sure we will kick on after that:) But could be an idea as it's a bit fancy and good for the older members of the family! Guess a stripper is out lol smile)

High tea is a great idea too. My SIL had her's recently and it was a high tea and she also had a psychic do a reading for everybody another great idea!
this is probably the lamest of the lame but if you hosted something at your house, get Singstar. That game isso much fun for all ages and they have so many discs out now for the young and old.
Have fun at the high tea Tina - let me know how it goes. And yes, i think a stripper is out of the question. My poor little sisters would get super embarassed i imagine.
Sette - was your SIL's high tea in Newcastle?
Singstar could be fun (and embarassing.. haha)

Yeah it was but she just hired a bed and breakfast at Warners Bay for the afternoon and did the high tea herself.
Bacchus Restaurant in King Street does it (that's where I had my wedding reception! so LOVE it!lol) or there's a place in the Junction, Fern something? Fernwood? Something like that but I know it's booked out well in advance.
I looked at Bacchus but they no longer have a website so i thought they may have shut. I also found Fernwood at the Junction and The Newcastle Club does it also. Will make some phone calls tomorrow for some more info.

Thinking maybe also The Kavon for dinner & show.

There is also Kings theatre Restaurant in Lambton...I think they trade under a new name though.
You could also do brunch or Pole dancing lessons...they are fun and everyone ends up in giggles even the older ladies.
Or a champane and cold chicken breakfast on the beach.

Cheers Ness

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