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Hi Michelle,

I have a special message to pass on to you.
Just to let you know that a special parcel is on its way to you its not from your original Secret Santa but from another Lovely huggies mum smile]

Love Mel xxxx

Oh, Mel. What a sweetie you..and another special mum are.

I wasn't initially to bothered by not receiving a gift. I knew that there was bound to be someone to miss out, and it happened to be me. BUT. What does shite me is that the person I sent a gift to, and who has received it, is the person that I was to receive from. A thank you would have surficed, and I would have been none the wiser about my gift.
If for some reason this person has had some kind of mis-fortune occur, I do hope that everything is ok.

As for someone else buying for me.....well that truly is a most generous thing to do. It is unnecessary, as I was happy with simply giving. But, a big THANKYOU to you

Thanks Mel, and please pass my thanks on xxxx
Many thanks to my very special secret santa smile
My gift arrived today, but this is the first chance I've had to get on - actually we've had no power due to storms, so I couldn't get on the computer.

Anyway, Mackenzy was simply delighted to recieve a special gift, thank you so much! and we will both enjoy soaking in the bath. You have chosen things that I would have chosen myself, thank you very much.

Thanks you for thinking of me, and stepping in to do this. You have shown the true meaning of Christmas.
Many thanks again.

Now, I think I know who you are......
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