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Anyone had a pregnancy massage? Rss

Just wondering what's involved? Obviously you can't lay on your stomach for them to massage your back???

yes and they are awesome.. make sure its with someone qualified to give them (they use just base oils no fragrance in them).. but i think one of the things i love the most.. You can actually lie on your tummy!!! eheh they have a special mat which goes over a normal massage table with a hole cut out for your belly.. eheh is awesome.. Then when they roll u over to do the front they also raise it up so you not lying down flat on ur back n pass out

YES! They are the best! So doing it again this time round! As K&D said you just have to make sure they are 'qualified' for pregnancy massage. I didnt actually lay on my stomach, was on my side with a wedge put under my belly to make it more comfortable, it was so relaxing and i felt alot better afterwards! If you can do i would definetly reccomend it!
I did and it was fantastic!! Our bubby turned sideways a month before he was due and it was recommended for us. The massage lady had this pillow thing that sat on top of the table which looked like a huge donut and your belly sat in the hole in the middle while you layed on your front. It was an hour of bliss hehe
I had remedial massages throughout my last pregnancy as I suffer from severe pelvic pain.

I highly recommend them if you're suffering any sort of discomfort but you must must must make sure you go to a therapist that specialises in pregnancy massage.

Also, it can be dangerous to your baby to have a massage in the first trimester so obviously wait until the later stages of your pregnancy to go.

Good luck!
Hey there,

I suggest that if you are intending to have a massage during pregnancy, it'll be best if you had a therapist or a professional with you so it will be safe for you and the baby.. my then-preggo next door neighbour consistently went for massages at a myotherapy practice (here's the link if you're interested: she said it helped her to relax and it also got rid of the muscle aches and pains. i never went because i was very paranoid about these kind of things and it was my first pregnancy but after reading about all the positive experiences, i might go for it the next time!! hope this helps smile
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