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How much does using an ambulance cost? Rss

My hubby had to call an ambulance for me last night because I had pressure on my chest and difficultly breathing. Everything seems to be ok now but we don't have ambulance cover and I am stressing we will have a nice big bill in the mail soon. Can anyone tell me how many $ to expect? It was under 5 mins driving to the hospital and I only had oxygen in the ambulance if that makes a difference.


Do you live in QLD? If so, it is covered in your rates. Even though we have private health, we have to pay twice
A friend of mine just received a $650 bill - and she didn't end up even going to hospital. She was treated at home for similar symptoms to yours. I think you may be able to get a reduction if you have a pension or health care card.
If you have a concession card or health care card it should be free. Ambulance travel usually costs a fair bit. My brother was taken in one yrs ago and even then it was quite exxy for a 5-10 min trip. Hopefully it doesnt cost you too much
It's quite expensive for the distance travelled. If you are not in qld - then I recommend getting ambulance cover - it's only about $50 per year - and may save you quite a few hundred.
I found some info for you:
Emergency call out fee is: $301
Non Emergency call out: $237
Variable rate (p/km) emergency: $2.72
Variable rate (p/km) non emergency: $1.47

Concession cqrd holders are usually exempt but depends on the ambulance service used.
Last time we had an ambulance that sent a bill was when Dad died. they treated him with some drugs and shocked his heart, but Mum asked them to stop as Dad was a DNR.
They didn't transport him at all. That bill was around $700...

Ambulance membership is so worth the peace of mind - you never know when you or your kids will need an ambulance, membership is worth every penny.
Here in Adelaide we pay $120 for a year's cover (SA Ambulance)...

Hope you don't get hit with a big bill and hope you're ok!
Moo was transported via ambulance recently for croup and we dont have ambulance cover as we have a concession card and thankfully we do. The trip took less the 10minutes they paramedics did not do alot and she did not require oxygen and the bill was near on $1000. Like Ricki said Ambulance cover is for piece of mind. Whilst you may never use it if you do not have a concession card then you will be hit with a large bill. Also some private health policies cover ambulance as well
I was going to add that Private health cover usually is ambulance included. The few times we've been transported via ambulance and air ambulance has been covered by our private health fund.

Where we are you are covered if you have a Health Care Card.

I was once taken to Hospital after a car accident and it was about a 10 minute drive and was sent the bill to send to TAC and it was around the $800 mark.

You can get cover pretty cheaply. I think its around $120 a year for Families here.

Hope its not too costly!
this time last year i had to go in an ambo we got a bill for $600 for an 8km trip, even though we lived 2kms from the hospital they charge from the ambo dispatch not from your place to the hospital. the bill said that if we were in private health cover the bill would be reduced by 40% but then when i took it to medicare they said i was covered for it was such a relief. we dont have private health cover anymore tho so i shudder to think what would happen if something happened now. hopefully will get back into cover after christmas. its such a peace of mind thing!

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