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MrMM started a new job - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


they are flying us to QLD for the christmas party / retirement party for the boss, which was so exciting to me as we've never been with such a generous company. As far as i knew the kids were booked too. Nothing was spoken about, just 'you're going to QLD' blah blah

Anyway theyare happy for the kids to go, but they didnt book Jack a seat. No worries, we'll do it ourselves, or so i thought.
Oliver has to come, he is B/F so has to come. I had a wonderful thought of going to dreamworld or whereever it is that Wiggle world is blah blah.
MrMM cracked it hard last night saying we cant afford it etc so he will be staying home. WTF? Its not fair to leave an almost 3 year old without his baby brother and his parents- he'll be asking for us the whole time. I can leave him at my parents no worries. Thats not a worry to me. Im so annoyed about this..... so MrMM said to call this morning as flights were available last night, to book for Jack, but the flights are full for that day. Im cut. And annoyed.

MrMM said its an imporntant business trip for him as he'll meet the interstate contacts etc etc, and Jack will be running around too much (yes......he's almost 3, thats what they do. I know this cause i spend 24/7 with my kids) FINE...... but if its so importnat then why should i go with a 10 month old, cart all the things a 10 month old needs, sit in a hotel room for 2 nights (yes i get to go to the party but i wont know anyone) and think of all the things im seeing and doing and think 'jack would love this' etc. im getting teary and angry just thinking about being so far away from him.

blah blah

if i'd known Jack wasnt going i would have said to MrMM to go solo, as its not right. I dont want to go now, but cant talk to him today as he is working late and dont want to argue on the phone.

argh. sorry i dont even know why im posting this cr@p

that sux big time... correct me if i'm wrong but dont kids at that age fly free anyway??

2 and under fly free.

I don't blame you for feeling cranky.
I understand why you're upset, I wouldn't want to go on a holiday and leave just one of my children behind either. How long are you meant to be going for? Is it possible for you to fly the next day?

Yeah that does suck. Are there other children going ? And are you able to take him to the Xmas do?
I know I wouldnt want to leave my little one either - i feel for you.


I would feel the same way you do about leaving my bub. I would talk to hubby but make sure he in a very good mood.
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have you rang the airport and found out if you can get a standby sit? Explained the situation as they apparently keep 3 seat free on every flight

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Men...just don't get it do they? LOL I had this when we were looking at me coming to the Mega Meet, leaving one of the boys behind) and I weighed up the pros and cons and I have to say that leaving one here is a heart breaking idea, though the thought of taking the pair of them on my own scares me even more. PMSL So then I thought I might go by myself, but then I've only left them once overnight (literally flew up in the arvo, flew back first flight the next morning and we were gone less than 24 hours) so not sure I could leave them for a few days, even with dad.

Anyway, that wasn't supposed to be about me. LOL I can understand the frustration and anger at the seeming lack of felling and understanding from the Mr.

I would double check everyday that the flights aren't availabe in case they release a few extra seats.

Where are you flying from.There are lots of flights coming into Qld everyday????

Hope you get a good outcome!

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop!!! he's on the flight lol.

where theres a boob theres a
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